My 2018 in review

I started writing these “year in review”s back in 2014 because I had trouble remembering what I did over the whole year. Because of the clustering of major life events that was this year, this wasn’t so hard this year. Most of my accomplishments were:

  • Finished building our new house
  • Moved into said new house!
  • Fixed up old house and put it on the market
  • Bought a car, a plugin hybrid minivan that gets excellent mileage!
  • Kid #2 was born!
  • Sold old house!

So that was a lot! I did have time for a few projects:

And finally, non-project stuff:

Happy new year, and here’s to a less hectic 2019!

My 2017 in review

2017 was pretty similar to 2016 – not great for the world but pretty good for David and me.

– Vanessa is, as expected, older now! Hard to believe she’s 16 months already. She has developed a personality, is walking all over the place, and is working on learning more words.
– With Vanessa we went on a vacation to Virginia Beach and a vacation to Disney World!
– We are building a house in Pflugerville! (that’s almost done!)
– I got more involved in politics: tried to explain why essential health benefits are important for health insurance, celebrated Obamacare’s survival, and asked y’all to call your senators about healthcare (yay!) and the Republican tax plan. (boo!)
– I also wrote a little about why the whole crowd size at the inauguration was a big deal (man that feels like a long time ago, right?) and why the “women in tech” screed was bad.
– I did have some time to work on some projects and added expected runs per inning to my baseball win expectancy finder and rewrote ThumbnailCopy for the new and improved Firefox.
– I bit the bullet and switched from Windows Phone to Android.

2018 promises to be a busy year between moving, Vanessa, and a work reorg!

My 2016 in review

Well, globally 2016 was pretty terrible, between Trump getting elected, all the celebrity deaths (Carrie Fisher, Prince, David Bowie, George Michael, Leonard Cohen, Muhammed Ali, Alan Rickman, John Glenn, Ron Glass, and many more…), and Brexit.

But personally it was a pretty good year. Here are some highlights:
– After announcing that we were expecting, our daughter Vanessa was born in September, with all the life upheaval that you would expect! She’s great, even as she’s having a cranky day as I post this. Both of my sisters also had children, so now Vanessa has even more cousins 🙂
– As a babymoon we took a short vacation to Universal Studios and Disneyland!
– Because the time when we could easily do such things was running short, David and I did a bunch of escape rooms around Austin. Some of them were really good!
– I went back to India for work for two weeks with a day layover in London. This time I see an insanely exciting cricket match in person!
– My baseball win expectancy finder got mentioned in an article in the Washington Post!
– I got promoted at work to Principal Software Engineer!
– I released Know Your States for Windows 10. It’s a good app if you desire to know your states 🙂 It also got featured by a few Windows app sites.
– I released Airport Guides for Windows 10, and later for Android. (they’re free apps, check them out if you travel!)
– I also released Bridge Scorer for Windows 10.
– I went on a bit of a React kick this year, updating my floating point to hex calculator to use it (and show a nifty visualization of what the bits do!) as well as my Clue(TM) solver.
– I opined about why I don’t like Uber.

Here’s to 2017!

My 2014 in review

I have a terrible memory, so I thought it would be nice to look back and see what happened last year. Turns out it was a lot of stuff!

– We went to Hawaii and got legally married!
– I lost my grandmother but gained a niece.
– My sister got married!
– After going to CES and //build again, the Nokia Developer Ambassador program went away. I wrote a bunch of Windows Phone developer articles and started a monthly email for Windows Phone developers.
– FlightPredictor, my most popular app, had to be taken down.
– After a bunch of hard work we shipped LabVIEW Communications Design Suite.
– We took a quick but nice trip to New Orleans.
– I became a developerWorks evangelist and wrote a bunch of posts about IBM Bluemix.
– The World Cup happened and I watched a lot of it and it was awesome!
– I read some very good and amusingly bad books.

2014 definitely had its ups and downs. Thanks to everyone who made it good, and here’s to a better 2015!