linked list monday: midlife crises, the end of Covid, USA soccer

It has again been quite a while, but the links roll on!

they’re back! linked list sunday: caffeine, home-cooked apps, middle-class finances

Well, it’s been over six months and life is crazy, but I thought it might be fun to do one of these again. I’ve been sharing more links on Twitter, but it’s just not the same, you know? Anyway some of these links are incredibly old but I think they’re still interesting, and it’s a nice look into what mattered before everything fell apart.

Part of the reason I prefer to write posts instead of just linking things on Twitter is that these feel more permanent than Twitter, and I have the illusion of looking back at these some day. Or maybe I get a stronger feeling of accomplishment in collecting links and writing up a post instead of tapping Retweet. But I hope you enjoy these!

OK, I did save a few pandemic links for the end:

linked list friday: boo turbotax, sharing my salary, avoiding needless medical tests

last linked list of 2019! deepfakes, green light to relieve chronic pain, surprise medical billing