wow, I really can’t think of one! oh well…

So I managed to get to bed at a semi-reasonable time last night, and I feel pretty good so far today. Driving to Houston should be fun. Unfortunately, we can’t listen to wildrice13‘s iPod Mini because my Prius doesn’t have a tape player! Oh well…

Gmail announced (and I don’t think it’s an April Fools thing…) that they’re raising their storage from 1Gb to 2GB, which might seal the deal for me. I love Gmail. Also, they have a cute April Fools thing where they’re raising your available storage continuously. Check it out!

Robolab went well last night – accomplished two more tasks. And I’m gonna be the “commander”, deciding what tasks to tackle and what to give up on during th ecompetition. So I need to memorize the point values and time it takes to do them 🙂

Work’s going decently, although still a long way to go. Although our stock is not so happy today. Sorry!

Evita is good music. Never seen the musical (although I did like the Simpsons version!), but David liked it, and we should see it together at some point.

Wildflowers along the highways and on campus really cheer me up, more than they should, I think. They’re just so colorful and full of life. Anyway, it’s nice pick-me-up to see them every morning 🙂

Hopefully this weekend will be fun. And I’ll get some good pictures.

I’m like totally out of thoughts. So, have a good weekend, all!

good beer-bike jack

So every year Rice has Beer-Bike, and during the week before (Willy Week), the residential colleges “jack” each other (mess with them in a not too destructive manner).

Someone from Wiess put Martel up on eBay! The eBay page is here, and I’ve included an image below for posterity (since eBay is bound to shut it down…)

Martel on eBay

busy busy busy!

(and yes, the subject is a slight reference to Vonnegut. Good, weird stuff that I haven’t read in a while…)

I’m busy. Pretty darn busy. And that’s starting to stress me out at times. Here’s a list of things I’m currently doing:

– I’m involved in a long project at work that is not going particularly well. Some days I don’t make progress, and some days I do, but the ratio of progress I make to progress that needs to get done is like one percent or something.

– I’m working on ROBOLAB stuff. Last night we met for the first time (well, the first time I was there) and had a good time. Kyle & David worked out a system to put balls in the basket. Jonathan built a super-sturdy wall, and I programmed the “Rocky” music (*hums “Rocky” music because it’s darn catchy!). (although Jonathan and I did do some other stuff!) It’s going pretty well, and I’m meeting with people again tomorrow. The competition is a week from Friday, and here is a list of the tasks.

– I’m working on the TiVo HME challenge. I’m getting close to done with my application, which lets you view galleries on your TiVo (for example, my gallery!)

– For a short while, I was working on a style to submit to the LiveJournal style competition – luckily I realized there was no way I was gonna get it done in time.

As part of a work thing, I took the test associated with the book Now, Discover Your Strengths”, and my top strength was:

Adaptability: People strong in the Adaptability theme prefer to “go with the flow.” They tend to be “now” people who take things as they come and discover the future one day at a time.

which is a reasonable description of me. So, I don’t mind as much when I have many tasks to do at work, or when things keep coming up. However, this is the only project I’m working on, which doesn’t give me much chance to adapt, as it were. And I can’t switch between things that are keeping me busy, because they’re either work tasks or home tasks.

What I need to do better is not let it get me down when work doesn’t go well. This is surprisingly hard to do, as I’m pretty invested in my job and believe in the product (and the project I’m working on), but there are more ways of being successful in life than just job-related stuff.

Hmm. I came in this morning really wanting to post, and I think I got all my thoughts out there. This weekend is Beer-BikeWill Rice Will Sweep!

Easter weekend

So the weekend was pretty good – for details, I’ll refer you to djedi. I took some pictures of people, and lots of the nephews hunting for Easter eggs that I’ll hopefully find time to put up this week. A few random thoughts about the weekend:

– I played tennis and then basketball (around the world, 21, and then 2 on 2) on Saturday. That’s the most exercise I’ve gotten in a while, and I was really sore Saturday and Sunday (mostly better today, though).

– If you’re driving around here, check out the wildflowers! I saw a bunch on the way down and back, but they’re along MoPac and I-35 as well. Good stuff – makes me feel like spring is here, even though it can still be kinda cold.

– *counts to self* 11 people is a lot to have in a house for a weekend – I still get overwhelmed at times. There’s always something going on, people trying to get a game of something together, or watch a movie, or go out and grab something. I’m more used to it than I was at first, but it’s like crazy different from my family in that aspect.

– My sister Carrie got confirmed this weekend – congratulations!

Busy week ahead of me – game night tonight, normal volunteer stuff on Wednesday, and I said I’d work on robolab stuff (we have an internal competition coming up two weeks from last friday, and I perhaps foolishly signed up to be in a group. It’s a lot of fun, but finding the time to work on it is difficult…) tuesday and thursday nights. And friday we leave for beer-bike. So, yikes!

Hopefully I’ll make some progress at work today. That would rock!

Happy Easter!

I’m headed to David’s place this weekend for Easter, which will be my first Easter away from home. Which I guess isn’t really that interesting 🙂

We went over to wildrice13‘s place last night to watch “Donnie Darko”. I liked it a lot, although I’m still scratching my head a bit (which is good – I like those sorts of movies!). Then we played a little Timesplitters, and then David left to go babysit for his nephews (he’ll be back soon, and then we’ll go down to his place).

Work is a lot less stressful – I’ve made some progress, although there’s still a long way to go, and irritating issues keep popping up. But, just getting something done is a big relief.

I got my new phone (a Nokia 6800) that’s super-31337. Fun stuff, and hopefully it will hold a charge better than my old one.

Happy Easter to all! Have a good weekend!

random thoughts (are there any other kinds?)

A list of random thoughts:

– Elissa, a friend of mine from Rice, has had an article published in the Chicago Tribune. Congrats! (thanks to Stanton)

– I took the elevator at work today up to the eighth floor (the top floor. my floor!), and stopped on every single floor. I think this is the first time that’s happened to me. Whee!

– Work is like super stressful, which sucks.

– We played Timesplitters 3 tonight for the first time. Verdict: it was fun, but takes some getting used to over the old one. The missions have a plot, which is new. It also froze on us twice, which is bad bad bad.

– The song “Let Go” by Frou Frou (on their Details album) is really really really cool. It’s the first track on the CD (which is in my car right now), and it mellows me out just hearing the opening. Pavlovian or something. On a related note, Frou Frou rock. I could listen to her voice all day, reading the phone book or something. (kinda like Dave Mathews)

– I’ve been really in to the Grey Album lately. I’ve never heard Jay-Z before, but I do like some rap (some of Eminem’s stuff), and the mashup is very cool – addicting stuff. I’m reconsidering getting that mashup album that they did with Linkin Park and Jay-Z (Collision Course) – I hesitated because you really only get 6 songs (and it’s pricey!), but I really like the one I heard on the radio, Numb/Encore. Actually, I think “Encore” is one of the Jay-Z songs used in the Grey Album. Neat! Anyway, what was I saying? Um, mashups are neat, which I’m sure everyone else discovered months and months ago. Fine, be that way.

– Time for bed. Good night!