off-day recap

Howdy all! It’s late and I’m tired, so here’s a quick recap!

So we got going a bit later than we wanted to this morning, and after some false starts (why why why don’t all interstates have feeders??? why?) we made it to Pirate’s Cove minigolf, when the rain that had been falling since we left picked up and we decided minigolf was not going to work today. Perhaps on Friday. So we went to our backup plan and went to the Morse Museum, which had some really neat and amazing glass works of Louis Comfort Tiffany (and a few other artists) – there were paintings of his too, but the glass works were the really impressive part. Before that, we stopped at a cafe and had lunch, and I was good and didn’t have an enormous cookie that looked really really good (by this point, it had about stopped raining)

After that, we went to WonderWorks, which is…well, it’s a little hard to describe. It has a lot of fun and educational things for kids to do, and most of the fun stuff was fun for us, too! We experienced winds that approached hurricane strength (65 mph), made giant bubbles, I landed the Space Shuttle, and stuff like that. And we played a game of Laser Tag at the end, too! We then headed for dinner at Pebbles Island Grill, which was decent but probably not worth the price. Stopped by the room to change and then walked to Downtown Disney (a bunch of shops and stuff that we’ll see more of tomorrow) to the far end to see the Cirque du Soleil show “La Nouba”. I’ve never seen a Cirque show before, and it was really amazing (which is good, because the tickets were a bit pricey). Lots of crazy crazy acrobatics, people spinning in wheels, people climbing up walls (done by gaining momentum on trampolines), neato trapeze stuff, guy riding a bicycle on a tightrope upside down…you get the idea. It was a very cool show, and I bought a CD afterwards. Walking back to the hotel, we got some ice cream…mmm…and then did some midnightish swimming.

That wasn’t so quick. Anyway, we’re going to the Animal Kingdom (another Disney park) tomorrow, followed by dinner at Seasons 52 (hopefully) and then Pleasure Island (which is an island inside Downtown Disney with clubs and bars and stuff) and probably general Downtown Disney stuff, too.

And I saw in the local paper that Deep Throat was revealed today. Read about it! 🙂


So, recap of yesterday!

So we got up and left approximately on time to go to EPCOT – the hotel has a shuttle that goes there (and MGM) so we took that. Unfortunately, it was overcast and rainy, but it wasn’t pouring, and the rain kept the crowds down (a lot) at EPCOT. We did the new “Mission: SPACE” ride, which was fun – we were all members of a flight team (I was the engineer!) and we flew a mission to Mars. <proud>I put the team in hypersleep!</proud> We then did the “Test Track” ride, which is supposed to be like a proving ground for a car (which went outside in the rain, too bad), explored some of the “Innoventions” which were kinds fun to play with (but nothing earth-shattering), and went to the “Ellen’s Energy Adventure” show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy. It was pretty neat (the show was moving and we went through a prehistoric landscape with dinosaurs and whatnot) although on the longish side.

We walked through all the countries in the World Showcase, doing the ride and watching the show at Norway, watching a show at China before skipping ahead to Morocco to eat (definitely lunchtime by then). Then retraced our steps, got some fudge in Germany (mmmm!) and eventually meandered over to the UK and David and I got some Twinings Tea. (oh, and both the Norway and China show emphasized that “X’s culture is in its people”, so don’t forget that!) After that we were going to go to MGM studios, and the nice lady in the UK that we bought tea from said that there was a boat ride that went there, so we did that (although it did take longer than the promised ten minutes…)

Hmm. This is a long recap. And this keyboard sucks. And surfing the web without a popup blocker is like the worst thing ever!

Anyway, we made it to MGM studios around 3:30, and immediately got a fastpass to Aerosmith’s Rock n’ Roller Coaster and waited in line for the Tower of Terror. That was fun, although pretty scary. Good stuff. Anyhow, we then got a fastpass for Star Tours, waited a long time for a Slushee (by this time it had stopped raining, so it was hot, and the crowds were a fair bit heavier) and barely made it into the next show of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Play It!”. That was fun – a few people actually were on the hotseat for prizes, and the audience played along to earn points to try to be the next person in the hotseat. The host was no Regis, but she was pretty good, and did a good job handling some “technical difficulties” 🙂 Afterwards, we did Star Tours, which wasn’t as fun as I remembered in seventh grade. Still, good stuff. In the store after that, I overheard the following conversation between two kids:

“Here’s Darth Vader (figurine)”
“I wanted Anakin!”
“Anakin is Darth Vader!”

Heh heh. Anyway, then we went back and did the Aerosmith coaster, which was a lot of fun but pretty damn scary. While waiting in line we saw the start of the ride, which involves you starting out with a big acceleration (linear induction, sayeth wildrice13) and going up a hill. Upon seeing that, I thought “Hmm, that looks bad, but I’m sure it isn’t as bad as it looks”. Well, surprise, surprise, it was that bad! Yikes. But the rest of the ride was fun, and I eventually shook it off. djedi went on this ride (he had skipped Tower of Terror because of his stomach) and he seemed fine with it. Good stuff.

So then Part B of the day begins – we were going to go back to the room to order pizza and get some beer. Anyway, this sucked, and we couldn’t find the pizza place, and I went the wrong way on I-4 and then tried to turn around, which had me exit 4 times (4 times!!) before I was on a real road I could turn around on, and by that time I was going the right direction so I just followed the signs back to I-4. Ugh. So we eventually got pizza and beer and made it back here. (Google SMS saved the day again!) Unfortunately, that meant we ate so late djedi had to stay up really late because f his medicine. *sigh*

So, today is a non-park day – we’re planning to go mini golfing (at Pirate’s Cove), then to Wonder Works (a general fun place with laser tag and stuff), and we have tickets to Cirque du Soleil tonight, which should rock. My hands are really starting to hurt, and we’re about to go, so that’s all for now!

dinner and rain

Just got back from dinner – we went to this really cool place called Seasons 52. It’s so named because part of the menu changes weekly (and the rest of the menu changes seasonally – it switches from Spring to Summer tomorrow!) It was reasonably priced and very good (and all main dishes are under 475 calories, which is a neat idea). For dessert they have “Mini Indulgences” which are cheap, very small (fit inside a small glass), and quite good.

Unfortunately it’s lightning and thundering pretty heavily right now (although only raining off and on) – hopefully it’ll blow over tonight, but I kinda doubt it. We’ll see!

at the hotel!!

Wow, this freaking rocks! We made it to Orlando (Florida’s bigger than I thought, especially the part that we had to go through) and we’re in our room now, and this place has free Internet access included through the TV (and this wireless keyboard that’s mostly accurate…) Yippee! Very nice hotel (I’d post a link, but I can’t open another tab or anything to find it) – very nice and open lobby, and the room has a nice view of…well, something. It’s technically on the Disney grounds but our room doesn’t face that way. Oh well!

The drive was pretty good today – we took I-10 to I-75 to Florida’s turnpike to I-4. I felt the need to say that for some reason. *shrug*

We’ll probably chill out in the room for a while (and enjoy not being in a car for a bit!) and then explore the hotel some (there’s supposedly an exercise room and game room downstairs somewhere) and grab dinner. We’re planning on going to Epcot and MGM Studios tomorrow, although there’s a 70% chance of rain irritatingly enough. But that should be fun, regardless. Looking forward to it (and the chance to get some good pictures!)

Oh, and blamantin gets a shoutout for transcribing my last entry – thanks!

Dinner soon, mmm, I’m hungry. Bye now!

leaving soon!

So vacation is almost upon us! (where us=people going on vacation) I’m in a good mood because work went really well today, better than it has in at least a few weeks. And I’m excited about vacation!

For people who can’t get enough Homestar Runner, here’s a Homestar Runner Wiki I stumbled upon – has all the toons and lots of inside info. Good if you’re looking for some time to kill.

CNN:DeLay angered by ‘Law & Order’ mention – hahaha!

That is all. Have a good Memorial Day weekend, and I’ll be back in a week and a few days!