leaving soon!

So vacation is almost upon us! (where us=people going on vacation) I’m in a good mood because work went really well today, better than it has in at least a few weeks. And I’m excited about vacation!

For people who can’t get enough Homestar Runner, here’s a Homestar Runner Wiki I stumbled upon – has all the toons and lots of inside info. Good if you’re looking for some time to kill.

CNN:DeLay angered by ‘Law & Order’ mention – hahaha!

That is all. Have a good Memorial Day weekend, and I’ll be back in a week and a few days!

busy, but almost trip!

Hmm. I’m still busy, but I reached a major milestone at work last night, which is good (and I’m very glad I was able to get it done before the trip). I’ve been stressing out over little stuff too much lately – hopefully I can convince myself to let go a little more. Going on the trip will probably help, but I don’t want to be stressed on it either, so I dunno.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the trip. Going to see Hitchhikers again tonight with destroyerj and then pack pack pack!

Oh, and I’m stressed about singing at Chris’s wedding. I’m sure it’ll go fine, though. It’s just been a while since I sang in public.

busy again, so this is short

Darn…I had lots of topics to post about on Friday, but things are getting crazy busy here at work, and so I didn’t get a chance. Sorry!

The weekend was pretty good – Friday night we celebrated wildrice13‘s birthday, Saturday we drove up to David’s sister’s place to celebrate David’s nephew’s birthday (and my birthday, too, since it’s the same as his), and stayed there until Sunday, when we drove back to Austin to celebrate Cory’s birthday (and wildrice13‘s again) and see Star Wars III.

I thought it was pretty good. Anakin’s conversion to evil happened a bit too quickly for me, but the reasons were very convincing, and both he and Palpatine did a good job acting, which was a nice change of pace. The scene where Palpatine had all the Jedi killed was quite powerful…

So another busy week – we leave for Disney World on Friday, so I’m frantically trying to get my work stuff mostly done, as well as some trip stuff (although djedi is doing most of that, but I wish I could help out more…). So don’t expect to see/hear from me much for a while 🙂

<your subject here>

<clever introduction here>

Last night, as djedi mentioned, we babysat his two nephews. Wow. Wow! Kids have lots of energy, as it turns out. Wasn’t exactly the relaxing night at home that I had thought it was gonna be, but it was fun. Brodie just makes a beeline for things, and more often than not, he ends up pushing buttons or messing up a puzzle or just generally getting into things that he really shouldn’t. I played ball with them a lot, which involved lots of juggling balls flying around the apartment. Luckily there were no casualties, and the boys seemed to have fun. Then djedi and quijax and I worked a few crosswords. Some of the answers to the first one (the theme was “TV Dinners”) were really bad, like “Cherry Falwell” (which seems cute enough now, but not easy to come up with!)

For all those interested, my iTunes analysis is updated whenever I back up my iTunes database, which these days is quite often so I can see my new favorite bands and whatnot. 🙂

It’s a coworker’s last day today, so we’re getting Chipotle and eating at a park, which sounds like a lot of fun!

Going to go on vacation with my family, and so I have to change my Delta tickets. Luckily the customer service is pretty good – called them up and asked a few questions with very little hassle.

wonderjess gave me the soundtrack to Spamalot, which I listened to yesterday. Funny stuff! I highly recommend it.

Also started reading another birthday present, The Wisdom Of Crowds. It’s OK so far, but I’m expecting the second half of the book to be better (the second half is case studies). The basic thesis is that given the right characteristics (independence, etc.), a group of people can make a better decision than almost all of its members could individually. Very similar in style to The Tipping Point, which I also liked a lot.

Going to get together with wildrice13 tonight (I think) and do more FFX-2. Good stuff!

I like djedi‘s penguin icons a lot. Maybe I’ll change mine.

Thus ends my series of disconnected thoughts. Peace out!

Oh yeah – forgot to add that I started playing with del.icio.us a bit (you can find my bookmarks here). It’s a social bookmarking site that’s all the rage these days – the idea is that you bookmark interesting places and tag them, and your bookmarks and tags are visible, and so anyone can search for interesting tags and find your bookmarks. It’s cooler than it sounds!

weekend and such

The weekend was pretty good – we saw the Art Car Parade and walked to the Village (lots of walking on Saturday – both djedi and I had headaches afterwards 😦 ), and celebrated my birthday with my family that night. Kyle and Erin’s wedding was really nice, and I’m glad we were able to go. Also, the barbecue and cake were excellent!

destroyerj is hosting gamenight tonight, so that should be fun. Yay, fun!

I got rid of the google ads on my gallery page. No one had clicked on them, and they were kind of an eyesore, and I don’t really need ads there or anything, so they’re gone (perhaps in a puff of logic…)

I put my iTunes analysis on the web, so you can see my favorite artists and whatnot (silentzero, this is partially for you). Reading it requires a little bit of interpretation (for example, the artist “The New Broadway Cast Recordin” is the “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” soundtrack). Some interesting things I’ve discovered:

– I like explicit music (music with explicit lyrics, I mean) better than non-explicit (but this is probably due to the small number of explicit tracks I’ve rated)

– I like a capella music a little better than non-a capella music (“capella music”?) – this one’s probably true.

– I need to fix up my tags so they’re not truncated.

– I like Journey a lot! Other favorite bands include The Beatles, Linkin Park, Frou Frou, Matchbox 20, Michael Jackson, Evanescence, Savage Garden, etc. Any band with an average rating of 4 or greater is quite good according to me.

Again, I have the scripts to do this, so if anyone’s interested in having this sort of analysis done on their music, let me know!

Just fixed a problem at work that had been bothering me – now on to other annoying problems, like making things compile. Grr.

Hope everyone has a nice day!