weekend update!

I had a good weekend! It was mostly relaxing, which is good because the month of May is going to be crazy, what with the weddings and such. Friday night we had dinner with onefishclappin and krikwennavd before heading up to couples game night. It was fun, but we ended up only playing one game. Lots of chatting, which was nice. And talking about summer musical stuff reminded me that I need to learn my music for my audition next weekend!

Saturday was relaxing – we spent some time taking care of things around the apartment in the afternoon. Well, and then David played Dragon Warrior and I spent two hours putting album art for all of my music on my iPod. Which sounds a little crazy, but now it’s done and I’ll never have to do it again (which reminds me – need to backup the iTunes databases!) After running some errands, we headed over to destroyerj‘s and grilled steaks (well, he grilled steaks 🙂 ). After dinner, we played (and eventually passed) Lego Star Wars, which is a surprisingly fun and cute game – you’re Lego characters in a Lego Star Wars world! It’s something you have to experience to understand, I bet. Also, playing the little Lego Yoda is fun – when he’s normally walking he walks slowly with a cane, but when he brings out his light saber he jumps around and does flips and all that just by walking!

Sunday was a relaxing day – went to church, more taking care of stuff (almost ready to submit my TiVo HME challenge entry) and played some Metroid 2, and got the Screw Attack just before bed, which was very exciting! We were giddy 🙂

Hmm, I guess that’s it for my weekend. If you like Set, you’ll like the Set Daily Puzzle – I did today’s in a minute and 20 seconds!

thanks all!

I had a great birthday. Wednesday morning I had already gotten a text message, a phone message and an e-card wishing me a happy birthday from my two sisters. Lots of people at work wishing me a happy birthday as well, including lots of LJers, then after work had a nice dinner (steak!). Came back hope and opened presents – David gave me an iPod Photo among other things (thanks!!), which I’m enjoying now. Then I got calls from members of my family and David’s – it was a bit overwhelming, but it was nice to get to talk to everyone.

So, thanks to everyone. 🙂 Now back to normality (although I do have a slight headache at the moment…)

Birthday post!

The song I’m listening to isn’t very nice. But it is catchy!

It’s my birthday! Although April 20th and the 19th often have bad things happen on them (Hitler’s birth, Rodney King riots started, the Branch Davidians standoff ends and the compound burns to the ground, Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine school shooting), everything seems OK this year. And it’s George Takei’s birthday, too (thanks, Wikipedia)!

So we have a new pope, Pope Benedict XVI. I wish him the best, but I’m not terribly optimistic about anything changing in the church – Cardinal Ratzinger was in charge of doctrine under John Paul II, and he labeled homosexuality “an intrinsic moral evil.” But, you never know, and I was surprised to see today that he’s interested in continuing the reforms of Vatican II. So, um, we’ll see.

Going out to dinner tonight (steak!), and then the whole presents thing. Probably will just spend the rest of the evening at home with djedi.

thoughts on my birthday (well, about my birthday, since today isn’t my birthday)

“Every overhyped lj post has a beginning…”

I’ve been thinking about birthdays and, more generally (but not much more generally!) age lately. I skipped first grade, so I’ve always been young for my age, and I usually took math classes that were a few years ahead of my grade. The upshot of this is that I was usually the youngest kid in the class by far.

So I think because of that, that kinda became my identity. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t the top student in the class (although I sometimes was) – for a while I was a novelty because I was so young, but even after that I could always tell myself that, even though kids did better than I did, I was younger than they were, so it didn’t matter. In my mind, when I would consider my ranking in the class (I was pretty competitive academically for a while in middle/high school…), I was kinda in my own category, so I always won.

Another effect was that I started to identify as the young kid. So, even when I came to Rice, I wanted people to know that I was young, because that made me special. In the past, this had provided me with other people who would sorta hang out with me a bit just because I was young. (at Rice, I had the additional “specialness” of being a professor’s son) And it did sort of continue at Rice, to a point (hanging out with djedi and blamantin wasn’t just because I was young, but it certainly was a not-too-infrequent topic of conversation 🙂 ).

So now I’m out in the real world, and all of a sudden I’m not the youngest at work. And I felt kinda weird about that, and it took me a while to figure out why, and the preceding is what I came up with.

But now things are different (not that I’m making this change now, just that it happened a year or so ago). I don’t feel the need to be “special” in some obvious way. I have good friends, a good job, djedi, and I don’t feel like I need a “gimmick” to have people interested in me. This is healthy and a good thing.

And so, I guess I’ve become a lot more relaxed about age – I know occasionally people get sensitive about getting old and whatnot, and I do have those feelings occasionally as well, but I’m usually able to shake it off pretty well. Maybe it’s like my rebelling against the hypersensitivity I used to feel to my age, but I just feel like it’s something that happens and there’s no point worrying about it. I used to be really bad about trying to change the past (when I was in high school and I would misplace something, I would always beat myself up as I was looking for it, wishing that I had put it in its right place), and now I just try to deal with things in the present as they come up.

The End…?

(Disclaimer: nothing in here is meant to blame djedi or blamantin for my age issues – I definitely had them before coming to math camp/Rice. That is all.)

I’m in a happy place!

So I’m in a really good mood. This week is my birthday, I’m well-rested, work’s going really well, and it’s a beautiful day outside!

Well, actually it’s cloudy and raining on and off. But I’m still happy!

Weekend was fun – hung out with onefishclappin and krikwennavd on Friday night, played some games, watched some Veggietales. Good stuff. Hung out with wildrice13 on Saturday, played some Frisbee and later FFX-2 (although I was programming during most of that time, and I mostly finished the project I was working on, which tends to pump me up). Visited Sarah and then watched Shaolin Soccer with djedi and destroyerj (I’m really into these <lj user> tags today…).

I have some thoughts about my birthday that I’ll be posting later. Now, back to work!

Tax day! with poll

Work isn’t going well, so a quick update.

Yes, I like Hilary Duff. I can take the abuse!

So Wednesday was my last day volunteering at the tax center (djedi‘s going in today, brave soul…) It was pretty busy, but we weren’t swamped. I’m glad we did it – I learned a lot and it was nice to be able to help people. Although I will be glad to have my Wednesday evenings back.

More frustrating work ahead…