interesting weekend!

Kind of a weird weekend. So Friday night we were at home and my hard drive just stopped working all of a sudden. It was bad – I was in the middle of downloading Debian packages and it suddenly quit, and then I couldn’t do stuff like df or anything simple like that. Scrolled over to the console and there were hundreds of errors trying to read the hard drive. So I took out my trusty Knoppix rescue CD (it rocks!) and it didn’t find my hard drive at all (in a moment of confusion, I thought it couldn’t find either hard drive).

So that was bad. Luckily the next time I rebooted after opening the case, checking connections and such, it found the hard drive and seemed to be fine. But I figured the drive was on its way out, so I planned to get a new one. Stupid freakin hard drives. Grr!

Anyway, the next day djedi and destroyerj and I were going to help Sarah move (on the way up there, djedi and I stopped to get a new hard drive at Fry’s). The moving went well, although I was foolish and had a rather large lunch (we ate at Fuddruckers, the third time I had been this week, oddly enough…), and didn’t feel my best for the unmoving part. But we got it all done and after sitting on the couch for half an hour, we went over to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which I enjoyed. The visuals are quite nice, and I’m a sucker for good graphics. And Johnny Depp, especially when he’s creepy!

Anyway, I recovered my computer and then somewhat broke it again and then fixed it, so all is well. Hooray!

Oh, and we put up foil on a window and some mats on the sliding door, so now the a/c can keep my apartment cool. Although the place does get depressingly dark. But it’s sooo worth it.

long time no see…

So this has officially been my longest absence from LJ since I started posting. Dunno why, just haven’t been in the mood. Instead of recapping what happened over the last nine days, I’ll post whatever pops in my head 🙂

Yesterday was my 2-year anniversary at NI. Hooray! Unfortunately, things are going to get busy soon, as we’re starting to get to the end of the development cycle, which means lots of testing and stuff like that. Plus, tech week for ASMC starts next weekend, so that will eat up all our free time.

I took some time and updated my homepage to be current, and in doing so, updated my resume as well. That was an odd experience – lots of deleting stuff, and I had to sorta describe what I do now. I also put my random projects on my homepage, and I will hopefully add them there from now on. Maybe I should have an RSS feed or something…that sounds like fun…

Just got a meeting invitation for 7:30 that is "MANDATORY for all employees". Ugh! Although breakfast tacos are provided (and the meeting itself doesn’t start until 8). I had never had breakfast tacos until I came up to Austin. Dunno if they’re an Austin thing, or more of an NI thing, or what.

I had a filling done on Tuesday. It went as well as can be expected. Although the tooth itself is still a little sensitive to cold and heat (as evidenced by my hot tea).

I think my next project will be automatically backing up my bookmarks and making a web page out of them (you can see a first pass here). I guess I’m very much in a web project sort of mood. Although I should get back to work on the Python Challenge, but I’m still stuck on level 12.

I’m finally over my cold/allergies/whatever and so I can sleep at night without coughing or taking Sudafed. That’s very nice!

I thought I had finished my current project on like Tuesday, but then another problem cropped up. I think I know how to fix it, though, and hopefully it will be done by the end of today. I’m a little tired of the project I’ve been working on – I wish it would just work. Although it does seem cooler than it did when I started it…

I downloaded a bunch of cool mashups from which are on my music page. The funniest one I’ve listened to is Eminem vs. Dukes Of Dixieland – it’s Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” versus a jazz band playing “Down by the Riverside” (the track is just called “Down by the Riverside”). It’s awesome!

I’m worried about my weight again. I’m hoping to make it go down. 🙂

non-weekend post

So I added driving directions and a few other things (it should work in IE now) to my map. Now there are instructions on how to make your own, if you so desire.

Another neat google maps hack I found today is the Gmaps Pedometer, with which you can figure out how long your walks are, or whatever. Cool!

It seems like people are going to be playing World of Warcraft soon – a useful site I was pointed to is WoW Vault. And I’m going to be a priest. 🙂

This weekend djedi and I are going home to take my dad to an Astros game (for Father’s Day). So I bought tickets online yesterday through Ticketmaster. Ugh. Ticketmaster is a huge pain – you have like two minutes to decide if you want the tickets they assign you, and then three minutes to fill out all your information, otherwise you’ll lose the tickets. Then there are the ridiculous fees – the tickets were a total of $60, and I paid ticketmaster $78, for a 30% markup. Grr.

destroyerj mentioned this already, but you should check out Google Earth. They’re not letting people download it now, but I have a copy of the installer if you’re interested…

As I was driving to work today, I saw a Volvo that had a Howard Dean sticker on it, and had a chuckle at the stereotypicalness (is that really a word?). Then I realized that that was me before I got my Prius! So, I don’t know what that means.

weekend post

Back from the weekend! I had a good time. Friday and Saturday were spent with destroyerj playing (and passing) two gamecube games – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Battle Nexus and Fantastic 4. The Ninja Turtles game was pretty good, especially b/c the three of us could all play at once. Although some of the battles were pretty tricky. And the game got a tad repetitive after a while. But, good stuff.

Fantastic 4 was pretty fun – you got to control the various people and use their nifty abilities. Unfortunately it was only two player, but we switched out and whatnot, and eventually beat it Saturday night. Also, waffles Saturday morning (well, early afternoon…) were good!

Sunday was a well-deserved day of recovery. Monday we played some FFX-2 with wildrice13, then headed over to destroyerj‘s for burgers and general July 4 celebrations, at which I met a few of his friends that I hadn’t met before. Meeting new people is good.

Yesterday I ran some errands (djedi‘s birthday is coming!) in the morning, then met him on campus for lunch. Came back home and finished Metroid Prime 2 (finally…stupid boss battle), and made a Fry’s run. While there, we saw Tales of Symphonia for $20, which is a good price, so we got it. It’s an RPG for gamecube that’s supposed to be quite good (according to reviews and some of Peggy & Igor’s housemates). Went to gamenight at Doug & Teresa’s which was fun and tasty (there was fudge!), then back home to start Tales of Symphonia and sleep.

Now I’m back at work, which is…well, not going terribly well in general. Hopefully I’ll have some sort of breakthrough this week and I’ll stop dreading coming here. That would rock!


Grr! Work is annoying me. I just spent like half an hour setting something up, and I finally got to try it, and it didn’t work. So I’m letting off some steam by posting!

Google released an API for Google Maps, which is neat. I’m playing around with it some – made my own map for experimentation. Fun! (I’m open to suggestions for other markers…)

AMD is suing Intel for abusing their monopoly position. The CEO of AMD took out a full-page ad in the Statesman explaining and urging people to read their full complaint, which I did yesterday. Fascinating reading! If it’s true, then they have very legitimate grievances.

Yesterday Canada approved gay marriage, and Spain did the same today. Woohoo!

I can’t believe July 4 is coming up so soon. I get Monday and Tuesday off, which totally rocks. Planning on a fun weekend!


Ever since we got back from the Disney World trip, my allergies have been kinda bad. It started out as the usual stuff (for me) – nose stuffed up, which causes my throat to be dry and scratchy, with the occasional headache. The weird thing is that they haven’t gone away, and are getting worse. The last few nights I’ve had to get up in the middle of the night so I could stop coughing (sitting up helps), which means that today I’m tired on top of everything else. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was a cold (but I doubt that it is).

The optimist in me thinks that the problem is that there’s mold or mildew in the apartment (the air conditioning has been leaking like nobody’s business, and the maintenance people have come out a couple of times to “fix” it…), because then at least we could fix the problem and I’d feel better. I hope it’s not just “normal” allergies, because these suck.

Anyhow, despite feeling kinda cruddy, I managed to have a pretty nice weekend. Saturday was ASMC rehearsal, where we learned our last song and choreography (not bad…) and got out way early, so I spent the afternoon on the couch with djedi playing FFX-2. I’m starting to get into it a little bit – seems like a neat game. Saturday night we went out to dinner with destroyerj and then saw “Batman Begins”, which I enjoyed a lot. Afterwards we stopped by destroyerj‘s place to watch some Half-Life 2 stuff (which he had just beaten).

Sunday I came into work for a few hours, but beforehand djedi and I walked around the nature trails here at work. It was fun, and neat to explore the grounds a little more, although it was quite hot! Didn’t end up getting the work done that I had wanted (not my fault), but oh well. Then wildrice13 came over after supper for more FFX-2.

In other news, I’m totally hooked on the Python Challenge – I was a little discouraged when I needed hints on levels 5 and 6, but I made it up to level 12 (and now I’m pretty stuck!) Having a lot of fun with it, though.

Just took some Sudafed which should help my various ailments and make the afternoon more pleasant. Then ASMC rehearsal tonight again.