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Here is an excellent article about health care by Malcolm Gladwell (author of The Tipping Point, which I highly recommend!) – talks about “moral hazards” and why they don’t apply nearly as much to health care as some think.

This has been around for a while, but Michael Chertoff saying that "no one" had predicted the disaster of Hurricane Katrina is so patently wrong that CNN comes right out and says so in the byline. The New Orleans paper is highly critical of FEMA, which seems appropriate given what I’ve read and seen.

ups and downs

I took some time last night when I should have been sleeping to help destroyerj put up, which is a place for people to provide and get information about conditions after Hurricane Katrina.

I heard this morning on the way to work that over 800 Iraqis were killed in a stampede during a religious procession after a rumor spread (no word on whether this was true or not) that there was a suicide bomber in the crowd. According to NPR, the procession involved taking food and candy from passers-by (I think this had some religious significance), and 100 people died of poisoning which was presumably deliberate. This is really horrible.

Lots of people are using I know it isn’t much, but I feel like I helped out a little bit.

(Edit: Wow! I didn’t realize this entry was going to become such a big deal. Credit where credit’s due: the map was destroyerj‘s idea (he also goes by Scipionus, which is where the name came from), and he helped out with the implementation.)

lots of stuff

I meant to post yesterday, but didn’t have the time. And I don’t really have the time today, but if I wait another day I’m sure to forget stuff. So here goes!

I put pictures of my recent vacation up, which means I’m now caught up on pictures. Woohoo!

I’m going to see “Wicked” in November, which I’m psyched about! It should be a lot of fun. I just need to stop listening to the music for a while so I don’t get sick of it 🙂

Still having fun with Project Euler – I’ve moved up to #130something on the rankings, which is good, I guess. I’m averaging about a problem a day, which is a nice and slow pace…

Fun referrer links:
– Searching for cow riding on Ask Jeeves leads to this picture, which seems appropriate.

– Another “naked” query (naked rice university run pictures on Yahoo) leads to Jonathan’s album. No luck for the searcher, though!

Barbara Stoll on MSN gives my gallery page, which makes sense. But I don’t know of a Barbara Stoll related to me…

pictures, rehearsals, and movies! oh my!

I put pictures from the musical up. Next up, pictures from vacation! And then I’ll be caught up. Which will be nice.

So for two consecutive nights, I’ve almost been in a car accident on the way back from Charlotte’s Web rehearsal. This is not good. The first wasn’t really my fault, but the second was, sorta (I was passing someone even though I had a feeling that he/she wanted to get over, which turned out to be correct). I really need to be more careful. Hopefully catching up on sleep and relaxing more this weekend will help.

But rehearsal last night went really well – we ran the whole thing in 62 minutes, and we’re aiming for about an hour show, so good stuff! I only missed one of my cues (starting Monday, no more lines from the stage manager, which will be interesting…), and I felt pretty good about it even though Ron gave me in particular a lot of notes. And he let us out early!

So I went up to destroyerj‘s and met djedi there (and wildrice13 showed up later) to watch “Garden State” and “I (Heart) Huckabees”. Both weird movies. I liked them, though. Especially Zach Braff. 🙂 After that, I was so tired I slept way late today, which is why I feel grrrreat!

That’s all I got. Thanks for reading!

Long week. Also, long next week.

Rehearsals for “Charlotte’s Web” are going pretty well, in that I’m surviving them. Actually our runthroughs are getting cleaner (sidenote: it’s really annoying not to be able to tell how I’m doing until it’s done and Ron tells us how we did. I wish I could know whether things are going well or not (I can guess, but I’m mostly not terribly right) during the show), and I’m 95% there on my lines (mostly now is remembering which goes where, and the occasional missed cue). Having rehearsal every night gets tiring, though. Luckily no rehearsals this weekend, and (I’m big on the HTML tags today, I guess) no rehearsal next Thursday! Hooray! Unfortunately we do have tech rehearsals Saturday and Sunday of next weekend, which is a huge bummer because that weekend is already crazy busy with random stuff. *sigh*

Once rehearsals are done, I’ll enjoy WoW more – I’m enjoying it now, but I’m always having to catch up with people, and I’m making djedi take me back through my old quests since I can’t solo very well, being a priest and all. I do like the whole guild thing, though.

I tried out Google Talk, and I’m not really impressed, although the sort of integration with Gmail is kinda nice.

Hopefully I’ll get rid of my backlog of pictures to post this weekend, including ASMC pictures. But no promises!

Work is going decently well…but since I have 6:30 rehearsals all week, I have to leave a little on the early side to make it there on time (and they’re much more strict about getting there on time than ASMC; that is, you will be admonished (that’s a word, right? I’m tired…) for being late). So I just need to get more done.

quick post

I put up pictures from my family’s Father’s Day trip to Lake Conroe. Does anyone have problems loading my gallery in Firefox? Because I do (it takes a really long time and sometimes the pictures never load), and I thought it was my webserver, but I just tried it in Konqueror and it worked fine. So maybe it’s just on my computer or something. Anyway… (Edit: the weird thing is that it seems to work in Firefox when I click on a link to it – it doesn’t when I type in the address directly. *confused*)

Charlotte’s Web rehearsals are going pretty well, although they are quite tiring. I mostly know my lines…now I need to learn blocking and whatnot. And work was really stressful today – lots of interruptions and stuff so I never got a good flow going, although I did accomplish a few things. Oh well – I’m sure tomorrow will be better.

busy week, fun weekend


The weekend was good – played a bit of World of Warcraft. I got it working on Windows and Linux (some sort of memory issue – doesn’t seem to be isolated to one stick or one slot, but only using two (and maybe keeping it under 1GB?) works great), which was nice.

I’m really getting into World of Warcraft, which is unsurprising because I often throw myself into new things. Having Skype working to chat with people while playing is way cool, too – much more efficient than typing all the time.

I have Charlotte’s Web rehearsals M-F this week and next week, so I’m steeling myself for that. Luckily the rehearsals are 6:30-9:30, so I get out at a reasonable time (although I have to eat dinner quickish to make it there), and they work us pretty well so I feel like we’re accomplishing something. I’m supposed to be off-book tonight for the first time, and I think I can (mostly) do it.

My other latest thing is Project Euler – it’s a bunch of math programming challenges. It’s fun because it’s a lot less frustrating than the Python Challenge, but there’s still definitely some depth to it (and I’m using Python to do them 🙂 )

A random thought I had at some point – say I remember part of a song, but I don’t know what it’s called or whatever (this happens to me a lot!). Is there some way for me to hum what I remember, then take that sound file and do some sort of correlation with a bunch of known songs and return the best match? I don’t know much (really anything) about signal processing, but it seems like humming it in a different key would make things difficult, as well as faster/slower than the original tune. Just thinking…