it’s cooooold!

It’s very cold out – 26 or so now, and the radio says that it feels like 9. 9!! Yikes. NI was closed until 10 AM this morning (so was UT) and when I got down to my car, I had to spend 40 minutes de-icing it (with djedi – thanks a lot!). Although part of that was not realizing that if the engine isn’t on, the heat will blow air, but it won’t really be hot. Oh well.

It was neat – there was a layer of ice over all of my car – windshields, windows, top, everything. I couldn’t roll my window down because of the ice. But eventually the heat and front and rear defrosters did the job.

It was a bit creepy to see cars on Mopac, but going 20 MPH lower than the speed limit. Didn’t see any accidents, either, which is good. Now I’m warming up with a nice cup of tea.

So, do you people in the north (or north of here – Carrie said it was 3 degrees in St. Louis yesterday!) have to drip your pipes every night for like months? Or are the pipes better insulated up there or something?

linka linka linka

So I was going to write a real entry, but I’m busy, and have stressful things to do. So, I’m going to reduce some stress by posting some links I’ve been meaning to post. (these are not guaranteed to be interesting; check your owner’s manual for details)

(oh, the other thing is that I got a small job doing some google mapsish stuff for someone. Neat!)

A puppet version of Serenity (not a video). Very very cute. The other movies he’s done are pretty good as well.

Boo Ford! A CNN story on the same thing.

A story about a Fawlty Towers book that apparently has the script for an unaired thirteenth episode. Neat!

So a professor at the University of Kansas (I hate Kansas, by the way) was going to teach a class debunking intelligent design. Then he cancelled the class after sending out an email insulting religious conservatives, which seemed appropriate (the cancelling, not the insulting). Then he was sent to the hospital after being beaten up on the side of the road by men who referred to the class that didn’t happen. That’s really quite scary.

lots’a thoughts’a

I forgot to mention yesterday that I hit a deer on the way back to Austin! I was just driving along, minding my own business, when a deer ran across 290 (super-fast), and I just barely hit it. We stopped soon after and there didn’t seem to be any damage, but it scared the crap out of me for a while. Never had that happen to me before.

Firefox 1.5 did in fact release yesterday. The pop-up blocking seems to be better, and things are noticeably faster (especially going back and forward). Still seems to use a lot of memory, though.

Yesterday djedi and I got a Christmas tree and put it up in my apartment, which was exciting (although messy). We haven’t decorated it yet, but it really feels like Christmas even with just a bare tree up in the living room 🙂 I ordered some TiVo ornaments to put on it, too!

I finished putting keywords on all of my pictures, so now you can search by keyword to find pictures that people are in.

Hope everyone’s having a nice day! And I hope whatever’s in the air that keeps my allergies (and other peoples’, it seems) going disappears!

Whoops, there’s more!

Dagnabbit (sp?), I forgot some things.

I’m going to lose some weight, come hell or tasty cookies (the latter is much more probable, methinks). NI has a “Maintain, Don’t Gain” challenge over the holidays (starts before Thanksgiving, ends after New Year’s) to not gain weight, but I’m gonna try to lose a couple pounds. Wish me luck! (I’m announcing this because I’ve read that making your goals public makes it harder for you to abandon them)

An article about the new Pope and the new restrictions on gay priests. Unencouraging stuff, that.

Firefox 1.5 should be releasing real soon now, like today or tomorrow. I’m very excited about it for some reason – maybe because of the web development on my TODO list I’ve been doing. There’s also a neat Firefox extension I just installed, if you’re into that sort of thing.

quick hits – bam!

In this post are thoughts about vacation and the week ahead. Go!

As djedi mentioned, we saw both Rent and Serenity on vacation. Rent was quite good – I haven’t seen the musical although I had heard a few songs from it. It was neat just watching a musical in the movie theatre – I’m sure it’s not quite as good, but it’s much cheaper and more convenient. I had read a Salon review that really didn’t like it, but after re-reading the review I realize that thre reviewer doesn’t really like the musical, and she doesn’t like Chris Columbus (the director). Don’t send a non-sports fan to review a baseball game!

My only real complaint was that the background music was a bit overpowering in some of the songs, and it made “Santa Fe” (the original of which I really like) sound fairly different. Also, Jesse L. Martin (IMDB, IBDB (IMDB for Broadway!)) was quite good. And his voice is amazing, as you might expect.

Serenity was pretty good the second time, but we saw it in a sketchy theatre where we were the only ones there, except for a guy sitting in the back who left 45 mins from the end. Oh well.

Anyway, the weekend went pretty well, and we cut down our Christmas tree and put it up and decorated it. Unfortunately, I left my camera at Britton and Liz’s so I couldn’t take pictures. Oh well – I’ll be sure to get some when I go down for Christmas!

Game night was fun at wildrice13‘s last night – unfortunately my allergies were bad most of yesterday. They weren’t horrible, but enough to make me feel kinda blah. Played a good game of Settlers, and then I talked to onefishclappin about their house and being sick and stuff. (the previous sentence is so she can remember 😛 )

Ugh, I’m not good at writing self-evaluations.

I’ve been in a weird music mood lately – not excited about listening to my iPod, which makes Pandora good, except then I feel compelled to decide whether or not I like each song so it can get good feedback. And that’s “stressful” in a weird way too.

I upgraded my Gallery installation yesterday, so check out the new look! Everything still works as far as I know, but if you find something not working, drop me a line.

Busy weekends ahead – next weekend we’re going down to djedi‘s folks, and the weekend after we’re going back down to my folks to see Revels.

Arrested Development is high-larious. We borrowed Season 2 to watch. Good stuff!

Aaaand I’m spent. (thanks, austin powers!)

almost thanksgiving!

Ah, one (and a half) more day at work, and then the holidays. That’s good stuff!

So after the big push at work last week, now I’m doing very little. Which is relaxing, but it’s always tough to adjust from “crazy stressed-out fixing mode” to “do nothing mode”. It is a nice change right before the holidays though. Hopefully nothing else major comes up this release.

Just got my video of Charlotte’s Web in, so I’ll probably show it to my sisters over break.

Had fun at game night/onefishclappin and krikwennavd‘s receptionish event. That’s twice I’ve played Mario Kart in the last week, which is kinda neat.

Been working on my TODO list some more. I’m learning a lot about XMLHttpRequest, and why Firefox (the 1.0 branch) seems to do weird things with it sometimes. I’m hoping 1.5 will fix these problems (should come out this month or early December).

I know everyone and their dog is posting about this, but give a shot – you tell it a group or song you like and it tries to find music like that. The algorithm is based on the Music Genome Project, in which they listened to a bunch of songs and characterized each one (heavy bass line, melodic vocals, etc.). So when it picks a song it thinks you will like, you can see why it thinks that, which is usually pretty interesting. (it’s free and all that jazz)

I put these remakes of popular songs on the original Nintendo sound system on my iPod. They’re quite fun to listen to!

Fans of Harry Potter might find this celebrity recasting amusing.

I spent a while yesterday reading through the stories of making the Macintosh and other Apple-related things. Interesting stuff!

For those of you experiencing LJ-slowness, maybe this is the problem?

One more: if you’ve ever lost a button-mashing minigame in Mario Party, check this out!

projects and work and stuff!

Ugh…so I get in this cycle where I think about things to post about, then I get busy and don’t have time to, and then when I do have time to post I feel like I have so much to write about that it’s overwhelming. So I don’t post. Well, the cycle (this current one, anyway) ends here! Here’s my decidedly incomplete post:

haha, I can’t think of anything to say.

I’ve improved my todo list some – now you can have categories and whatnot. Still planning on tweaking it some more (so you can delete and reorder categories), and adding some sort of reminder feature (like a tickler file from "Getting Things Done").

Also, I did up a yahoo map much like my google map. It mostly works, although I want to make the markers load faster and make it zoom in when you double click. The map is based on the Beta Yahoo Maps, which uses Flash. I think I still like Google Maps a little better, but Yahoo has some nice features, as well as geocoding (turning an address into a latitude and longitude) built into the API, which I might play around with at some point.

Work is going well today. Yesterday things were going poorly, but I finally tracked down a mysterious bug yesterday evening (after spending two days finding it…) that greatly improved my life.

This weekend djedi and I are going to see Harry Potter at the Alamo Drafthouse, which I am excited about (the reviews are pretty good).

Last week we went to orientation for the tax center we’re going to volunteer with again this year. It was OK (most of the stuff we already knew) but it was nice to get back in that frame of mind. Still need to go through training and get certified by the IRS. Can’t wait to get the new Publication 17!