that’s my life in a nutshell…

Another busy week here – did my first robolab on Wednesday and shadowed interviews at UT on Thursday. Robolab went pretty well – this year I’m working with older kids, which is good, and there are fewer with them (around 6), which is also good. Also, I have some experience, which is good. All sorts of goodness going on there.

The interviews went fine yesterday – doing 8 of them in a day is pretty grueling, though…and I wasn’t even doing the talking! I was just observing, and I do feel that I have some idea of how to do it now. When I’ll get to do it at Rice is an open question, however.

Go Astros! You can register to be in a lottery for World Series tickets if you hurry – closes at 5 PM (CST) today. Contrary to what I heard, there is no obligation to buy tickets if you win the lottery, so I’m going to sign up right now!

The last Charlotte’s Web show is this Sunday, and it’s already sold out from what I hear. I’m glad it went so well, and I’m going to miss it (especially the people I’ve gotten to hang out with), but it will be nice to have my weekends back. I heard that there will in fact be a video, though, so wonderjess and Carrie will get to see it, as well as any of y’all who are interested. 🙂

Worked on my todo list app some more – now the notes are saved and you can have newlines in them. I bought a copy of “Getting Things Done” today, so I may improve the todo list with suggestions from there. Or I might get fancy and let you drag and drop entries to reorder them. We’ll see 🙂

Hope everyone’s having a good Friday!

things to be happy about

1) A few months ago, I closed a credit card account, not realizing that I had a credit left on it (from paying something twice). Last week, I decided to try to get that money back, and called them up, expecting to go through a lot of hassle (how often do credit card companies pay you?). Turns out it took like 3 minutes, and I got my check in the mail a few days ago. Hooray!

2) The Astros, after starting off the season 15-30, made the playoffs, and some people are even picking them to win the World Series. I’ll be following them closely!

3) I got a promotion today! Hooray!

family made it

So my family made it to my apartment at 4 AM this morning. For those keeping score, that makes a 17 hour trip from Houston to Austin. Luckily they were able to get gas near the end (they didn’t use the A/C to save gas…), and they made it just fine, albeit tired and such. Maggie (our cat) made it as well, and although she was a little skittish at first, she seemed fine this morning, although a little starved for attention 🙂

So whatever else happens, I feel a lot better. Although I am tired (stayed up late, went to bed before they got here and then I was kinda wound up so it took me a while to get back to sleep), but that I can deal with. And my mom brought banana nut bread 🙂

Rice trip and other things

So the trip down to Rice went well.
The drive down was uneventful in a good way – we watched a Simpsons episode and listened to my iPod. Unfortunately, our hotel was out 290 a ways (hard to find hotel rooms – maybe because of Katrina evacuees?), which meant the next morning we had to get up early and spend like half an hour in traffic to actually get to Rice. And on the way, we saw someone pull over, get out of his truck, and hunch over to pee. That was…interesting.

The day went well – we showed off our demos and had a pretty good presence. I talked to some people who seemed excited about NI – yay! Although the demo I had put together didn’t actually work. But that’s OK, since it wasn’t very exciting anyway (using a camera to count change). Maybe next time!

By the end of the day, we were tired from standing from 10ish-4 (well, most of the time), and we had to pack up all the demos into the van. We got on 59 right at 5, so of course traffic was horrible, and we pulled off at 6 (still in Houston, mind you, just past the beltway) to eat dinner, then we continued on and made it back to NI, unloaded the stuff, and finally I got to go home. Yikes, I was tired!

Charlotte’s Web was decent on Sunday – not great because it had been a week, and I forgot to get my hair pinned so it kept coming out of my pig head. Also, my voice was dry for whatever reason, so I had to talk loudly and it didn’t sound (or feel) as good as usual. Oh well. Hopefully this weekend will be better, since my parents are coming up to see it! Which I’m excited about. Although they might have to evacuate from Tropical Storm (presumably a hurricane by then) Rita, which would be irritating.

Here are the Celebrity Jeopardy videos from SNL – haven’t watched them yet, but I want to. Maybe I’ll have time today!

Apparently there’s a “plague” spreading in WoW. Very interesting, although I’d imagine it would be annoying to just randomly die. Dunno if I could heal myself fast enough to avoid it…

off to houston

So I’m gonna be in Houston tomorrow doing recruiting stuff at Rice for NI – we’ll be in Duncan Hall from 10-4ish or so. Come check it out!

Also, Charlotte’s Web was reviewed, which is pretty nifty. Only show this weekend is on Sunday, which’ll be a nice break.

Gotta run to the van soon, but I’m trying to finish up some work stuff!

Oh, right, and there are new Charlotte’s Web pictures up.