kids and coronavirus, three weeks in

This was a rough week. A big part of the problem is that I still have whatever cold/allergies I’ve been struggling with, and the coughing has taken a lot out of me, including messing with my sleep a few nights. A few days I had bad headaches from my skull hurting from coughing so much :-/ (at least that’s what it felt like?) But I think I may have turned a corner, as last night I slept really well and felt pretty good today. I did take my last Sudafed and it’s going to be hard to get since you have to sign for it in person, so hopefully it wasn’t just that…

Wednesday night was the night I slept the worst, and Thursday was pretty awful, and I remember thinking “man, I hope I look back on this and say ‘Thursday was the worst, but things started to turn around after that'”. And aside from Friday being nearly as bad, they kind of did! A lot of good things happened:

  • Thanks to friends’ suggestions on Facebook, we tried using Shipt to get groceries, and we were able to order and get them 48 hours later and get the extra milk we needed, so that really lowered our grocery stress level!
  • We also did a bit more delivery for meals, which gives us more food variety and made it easier on us.
  • I went on a lot of nice (but kind of exhausting!) walks with the kids where we explored different parts of the neighborhood.
  • I think we’re all slowly getting better at having a routine.
  • I finished a thing at work that required a lot of concentration, which is hard to do with kids around! Then started another task, which…um, requires a lot of concentration. Hmm.
  • I’m writing this on Saturday night, but so far this weekend is the first weekend that’s actually felt easier than a weekday. We had our Easter egg hunt today and the kids had a blast 🙂
  • My Jelly Bellies arrived from Costco and joined the ranks of my other Costco snacks, and they’re real mood-boosters!

Unfortunately, everyone’s a bit low on patience from being stuck here for so long. I think we’re going to try to go for a drive sometime just to get the kids back in the car (which they used to do every day) and help us all feel a little normal.

We’re still barely surviving, and have zero slack in our lives right now. On the plus side, I’ve given myself permission to just focus on surviving and not try to do any unnecessary long-term projects.

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