This whole Alabama hurricane map thing, sigh

In case you missed it, here’s an NPR article: Trump Displays Altered Map Of Hurricane Dorian’s Path To Include Alabama.

This whole thing is kinda similar to the inauguration crowd size thing from 2017 (which feels like a lifetime ago!), in that the original issue is utterly insignificant. Trump accidentally included Alabama in the list of 7ish states that would be affected by Dorian, but by that time it had already started to turn north so forecasters weren’t saying that anymore. Who cares?

But the total inability for Trump to ever admit he was wrong about anything, no matter how trivial, is such a terrible character trait, especially in a President. It’s not clear whether Trump drew the line on the map himself, or whether he told someone to, or (less likely?) some aide took it upon himself/herself to draw it to make Trump happy. None of these are good options!

The world is a complicated place, and everyone is wrong sometimes. Refusing to admit that just makes yourself look more foolish than the original error.

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