Marriage map now in React + TypeScript!

I ported my same-sex marriage map in React + TypeScript! It now uses the usStateMap component I wrote a while ago.

This was interesting because the original map was just vanilla JavaScript and jQuery, so the “port” was really more of a rewrite. It also meant I got to get rid of a ton of logic around state management and also some pretty hacky code around drawing the map itself.

I went ahead and published the code on GitHub (it was public before but in a less convenient way), too, mostly so the usStateMap component now shows that two projects use it 🙂

I ended up leaving out a few features because they didn’t make a ton of sense (flashing map colors, pending court cases), and I also decided to make the cartogram view the default because it’s a more accurate representation of the number of people that were under particular laws at a particular time.

Honestly, porting all of these projects to React + TypeScript is starting to feel tedious, so I’m going to take a break and start working on some new features for some stuff. Should be fun!

(and it still gives me a bit of a thrill to load the page and see an all-blue map!)

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