Rising Sun review

Rising SunRising Sun by Michael Crichton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Michael Crichton was a good writer, and this is a pretty good mystery.

However, all the stuff about how Japan is going to take over the US was hilariously badly timed as the book was published right around the start of Japan’s Lost Decade. So it’s pretty hard to take that seriously today.

Also, not for nothing, there’s a scene where a professor brags on how attractive one of his grad students is and then the main character tells her she should be a model – none of this has any relevance to anything, by the way – and was this an OK thing in the ’90s? Comes off as real creepy today.

But if you’re up at night because you’re coughing/the baby’s fussing/the baby’s also coughing, you can do a lot worse than this book.

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