2840 miles on a tank of gas!

So the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is working out really well! We can almost make it to work and back without using any gas (depending on traffic, the weather, etc.), but since we can charge it at work assuming we can find a spot, most days we don’t use any gas. To wit: we just went 7 weeks 5 days between filling up the 15 gallon tank, and in that time drove 2840 miles (2527 fully electric) for an effective rate of 189 mpg!

Obviously this doesn’t count electricity usage, but not having to run to the gas station every few weeks is kinda nice!

Another fun statistic it keeps is that we were driving for 91.5 hours in that time, which works out to 1 hour 40 minutes in the car per day, which…wow. That’s skewed by the days we were working from home on paternity leave (since one of us would drive to and from daycare twice every day), but still I’m not convinced that’s actually right and if it is it’s really depressing so I’m going to stop thinking about it now!

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