monday pretty big linked list: call about health care!, drug overdoses, VW is tricky

Health care stuff

– Sorry to keep beating this drum, but: Senate GOP won’t release draft health care bill – they don’t want people to read it because it is presumably terrible for people with preexisting conditions, etc. Please call your senators – here’s how! Ask them not to support a bill that would leave tens of millions of Americans who currently have health insurance without it.

How Alaska fixed Obamacare – an interesting look at how reinsurance stopped a possible “death spiral” in Alaska.

Maps Show A Dramatic Rise In Health Insurance Coverage Under ACA – Obamacare isn’t perfect, but it’s better than what we had. (also: hey Texas, maybe you should expand Medicaid?)

Nevada’s legislature just passed a radical plan to let anybody sign up for Medicaid – looks like the governor hasn’t decided whether to sign it or not, but: neat!

Other stuff

You Draw It: Just How Bad Is the Drug Overdose Epidemic? – spoiler alert: it is very bad.
  – Related: I used to support legalizing all drugs. Then the opioid epidemic happened. is an interesting point.

Inside VW’s Campaign of Trickery – yikes, that is damning evidence.

Here’s a Very Powerful Study That Bolsters the Lead-Crime Hypothesis – interesting stuff!

Why Self-Compassion Works Better Than Self-Esteem

The Last Person You’d Expect to Die in Childbirth – super depressing story here. The US has the worst rate of maternal deaths in the developed world, and I was expecting this to be because of funding or taxes or abortion (somehow), but it sounds like it’s not really any of these. Which is good because it means we can fix it! (right?) (thanks Jessica!)

Steve Ballmer Serves Up a Fascinating Data Trove – check out USAFacts! If I had more time and could think of a good angle, I would make an app using this data, and then no one would download it.

These days in baseball, every batter is trying to find an angle – neat visualization of launch angles in baseball

7 reasons why today’s left should be optimistic – hooray!

For an Inclusive Culture, Try Working Less – this is a good point…

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