honesty and false hope

1. When I used to go on recruiting trips for NI, often students would talk to me who were majoring in something we weren’t recruiting for. I would feel really bad for them, and I would generally take their resume and go through the process while saying something like “well, I know we do hire people with your background, let me see if I can talk to someone when I get back to NI”. I didn’t want them to leave the NI booth without hope! But it was false hope, because not once did that work out.

Eventually I realized this and started to say “Sorry, we’re not recruiting for people with your background today, but you can apply online for specific positions and see if one looks like a good fit for you”. And people seemed fine with it – they were at a career fair and there were plenty of other companies to talk to, and this way I didn’t waste their time or mine! It seemed less kind, but being honest was the more kind thing to do.

2. When I moved from LiveJournal to WordPress, I wrote a script to migrate posts and comments over and posted it to a WordPress support thread. A few days ago, I got a few emails saying part of the script had stopped working, and after investigating I figured out it was a problem with logging in to LJ – something has changed and I don’t know what. I didn’t respond to those emails for a day because I was trying to figure it out, and then I didn’t really want to respond to the emails at all.

But again, I (eventually) did the right thing and responded saying that something was wrong, I would keep looking at it but I don’t know when (if ever) it would be fixed. And one person emailed me back saying that she had found a different program that worked, and I was able to pass that along to the other people that had emailed me to help them out, which probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t said that I was pretty stuck!

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