no foolin’ linked list: the gig economy, saving 100k lives per year, PHP

The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death – yeah, similar to my thoughts on Uber (but of course it’s better written than mine 🙂 )

Powdered Vaccine Raises Hopes Of Stopping A Top Killer Of Kids – wow this could save 100,000 children’s lives per year!!

PHP: a fractal of bad design – this really resonated with me because I spent a while porting Gallery from PHP5 to PHP7, which meant I ran into a few of these annoyances. (so many static functions that weren’t declared as such…) (thanks Ben!)

Can Religious Charities Take the Place of the Welfare State? – spoiler: probably not. Charities of all sorts are great, of course, but it seems unrealistic to ask them to take up social services. Those require a consistent funding source. (this is a topic because Trump’s proposed budget cuts tens of billions of dollars from social services…)

According To Harvard Psychologists: Parents Who Raise “Good” Kids Do These 5 Things – linkbait title, and I’m mostly posting it for future me. But, here you go!

Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware – DRM makes sense in some cases, but disallowing third-party repairs is pretty shady. (for cars there’s a law saying the manufacturer has to honor your warranty even if you take it in to a third-party repair shop, at least according to the signs I see at Jiffy Lube!)

Grand jury decides that seizure-inducing GIF counts as a deadly weapon – what a great time to be alive, sigh. (this seems reasonable since the sender knew Eichenwald had epilepsy and it in fact did cause a seizure, although I’m not 100% sure about the “deadly” part)

This Is Almost Certainly James Comey’s Twitter Account – no scandal here (although it’s interesting to see who he followed, including the Onion!), but a nice bit of detective work!

‘It Didn’t Pump Itself’ – depressing comic about an old contract that lent prisoners in Alabama out to do hard labor mining coal.

Camera falls from airplane and lands in pig pen – exactly what it promises, a pretty great minute-long video!

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