wednesday linked list: ObamaCare and its proposed replacement, Uber is still terrible

This Is What Obamacare’s Critics Won’t Admit Or Simply Don’t Understand – the Affordable Care Act has problems, but it’s done a lot of good.

Republican Health Proposal Would Redirect Money From Poor to Rich – not a surprise here, but giving the same tax credit to everyone of the same age regardless of income is hugely regressive!

Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber – wow. Wooooow. Pick your own headline here:
  – Company with a creepy CEO and creepy policies also allows creepy employees to be creepy!
  – Why aren’t there more women in tech? I don’t know, I guess it’s a pipeline problem or something! Nothing we can do!

Dole Food Had Too Many Shares – man, the stock market is complicated!

How to Keep Your Children From Learning Stereotypes – talk about individuals (“This Muslim family eats different foods”) instead of groups (“Muslims eat different foods”). Good stuff! (thanks Sid!)

This is actually what America would look like without gerrymandering – old article, but putting redistricting in the hands of a fair algorithm seems like a good idea. I am sympathetic to the idea of keeping “communities of interest” together, but in practice that just hasn’t happened.

Simpsons episode loaded with famous guest stars to be honoured in Baseball Hall of Fame – yay!

Mike Piazza Learns How to Be an Owner. Of a Soccer Team. In Italy. – man, this sounds like a lot of fun…

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