friday linked list: the CFPB, overdraft fees, food sell-by dates

The Watchdog Protecting Consumers May Be Too Effective – the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is doing good work, so of course Republicans want to cripple it. Sigh.

Republicans Are Moving to Scrap Rules That Limit Overdraft Fees – I think it’s cute that Gruber thinks this should be a bipartisan issue. Sadly, when there’s big business on one side and poor people on the other, often Republicans will help big business.

Barney Frank: Here’s how to not waste your time pressuring lawmakers – good advice that largely lines up with the Indivisible Guide. But it’s good to hear it confirmed by a former representative!

You’re about to see a big change to the sell-by dates on food – neato!

Here’s what really caused the housing crisis – it wasn’t lending to low-income households… (thanks David!)

‘I thought I was smarter than almost everybody’: my double life as a KGB agent – wow!

A Tax Overhaul Would Be Great in Theory. Here’s Why It’s So Hard in Practice. – path dependency is a big deal.

The Puzzling Popularity of Back Surgery in Certain Regions – seems to be based on physician preferences.

When ‘The Simpsons’ Came Out of the Closet – neat! Interesting to see that the episode (which I didn’t see until a while after it aired originally) was a pretty big deal at the time.

11 Amazing Hotels for Book Lovers – someday… (although that Alice in Wonderland one looks kinda creepy)

The horror of blimps – hah!

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