Two great twists: Rogue One and The Good Place (season 1)

MASSIVE SPOILERS here – if you haven’t seen Rogue One or season 1 of The Good Place (the whole season is streaming on!), go watch them!

Rogue One (highlight to read if the text doesn’t show up)

This twist was genius because it took what was commonly seen as a plot hole in the first movie and made it a poignant plot point. Honestly, I was never that bothered by the convenient fact that you could blow up the whole Death Star with a carefully placed torpedo – movies are gonna movie, after all. But 40 years later finding out that the weakness was deliberately introduced by a reluctant Imperial engineer? Nicely done!

The Good Place

David and I almost had the twist in the final episode spoiled – luckily the four people that wanted to talk about it were polite enough to ask if we had seen it first. Well done, friends! But even though we knew something big was coming, I was still blown away by the reveal, which was played up soap-opera style – appropriate for something that changes the way we look at a whole season.

And it was clearly planned from the beginning, too. Going back and rewatching the season (which I recommend!) you can definitely see little bits here and there. But the best part about this is it takes what originally looked like standard sitcom tropes (Eleanor and Chidi are keeping a secret, but oh no, the marriage counselor and human lie detector have to move in with them!) and makes them calculated and probably sinister. Again, I wasn’t really bothered by these in the first place, because TV shows are gonna TV, but it was very clever!

(of course, now I’m worried that the show can’t possibly top this, but since it got renewed we’ll see what happens in season 2…)

Anyway – a good few months for twists!

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