friday linked list: political persuasion, sleep, Merriam-Webster

The Simple Psychological Trick to Political Persuasion – not too surprising but still useful in an era where you can be a conservative but not support Trump. Try to include patriotism, loyalty, and purity in your arguments!

The Brain’s Connections Shrink During Sleep – another theory about why sleep is important!

Ventusky is a very pretty weather map!

This Dictionary Keeps Subtweeting Trump And Here’s The Full Story – heh

Russians Engineer a Brilliant Slot Machine Cheat—And Casinos Have No Fix – pretty clever! If money is on the line you probably want to avoid using a PRNG if possible…

Victoria mosque fire ruled arson – as a followup to my last post about this, this is sad but not surprising. Also, what is this?

Investigators said evidence does not indicate the fire was a “biased crime.”

Do they mean, like a hate crime? Because, how could you tell from the fire?

Executive Power Run Amok – when John Yoo (the “If you’re at war the President can do basically anything” guy from the George W. Bush era) says you’re overreaching your executive power, that means you really must be overreaching!

In Libel Suit, Melania Trump Cites Loss of Chance to Make Millions – good thing we didn’t elect that “corrupt” Hillary Clinton, though! *sigh* (also, this should not be viewed as an endorsement of the Daily Mail, which is a terrible newspaper)

If You’re Too Busy For These 5 Things: Your Life Is More Off-Course Than You Think – this is long and very self-helpy, but maybe you’ll find it helpful? I got a few things out of it…

An Oral History of Homestar Runner, the Internet’s Favorite Cartoon – not too long but still interesting. Also:

Matt: We have a property in Homestar called Cheat Commandos, which is basically making fun of old G.I. Joe cartoons. We eventually made Cheat Commandos toys and we wouldn’t even put an ad for the toys in the cartoon. That’s like, part of the joke, why didn’t we just do that and make some money? Like there was someone who told me recently that their favorite thing we ever did was Cheat Commandos, and they had no idea we’d even made toys! Probably a missed opportunity there! If anything we might’ve taken our punk rock status too far.

Yes, dang it! Making money isn’t selling out!

– These declassified CIA jokes about the Soviet Union (.pdf) are…OK!

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