why this whole crowd size thing is a big deal

Background: here is an example news story showing that Obama’s inauguration certainly appears bigger that started this whole kerfuffle, and the story about Press Secretary Sean Spicer lying about said crowd size among other things. (kudos to CNN for the title “White House press secretary attacks media for accurately reporting inauguration crowds”)

First of all, in terms of ranking presidents, “crowd size at inauguration” is really really unimportant. It’s probably biased towards Democrats since DC itself is very Democratic and so is Maryland (and northern Virginia, at least), and you have to be able to take a day off from work, and the weather, etc, etc, etc. It is also not a huge surprise that Trump cares a lot about it, though.

The way I see it this is both good and (mostly) bad:
– The bad news, obviously, is that we have apparently have an administration/press secretary that is willing to lie to the American people right out of the gate. So that’s not great.
– The good news is that, instead of being devious about this, 1 day into the administration we know we can’t trust them. If they had been truthful for a while and then starting lying about intelligence when we were about to go to war, they would have some credibility. Now we can know not to trust them, and hopefully the media will not be cowed into unskeptically reporting lies.

Also kudos to the Dallas Stars Jumbotron operator! (thanks Adam!)

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