friday linked list: Moana, depressing Trump links, space race

The controversy behind Disney’s groundbreaking new princess (Moana) – the “controversy” here is that one woman thinks that Moana is fat (she is not – look at the pictures!) and:

I think it tells girls that they don’t have to be fit. I think it’s setting up girls for unhealthy lives in the future and also for disappointing romantic lives.

which is so amazingly stupid I just can’t even. Anyway, Moana is a good movie and you should see it!

– Depressing Trump links: these are important, but maybe don’t read them all one after another? Trump: The Choice We Face, Coping with Chaos in the White House (thanks Andrew!), and Twenty lessons in how to deal with authoritarianism.

The Time an Engineer Accidentally Started the Space Race and Changed the Course of History – interesting, I didn’t realize the space race took such cajoling to get started!

Seattle Minimum Wage Experiment is Over – they raised their minimum wage to $15/hour and unemployment is down!

How to Talk to Someone You Hate – some good advice here (thanks David!)

The Real Reason Women Quit Tech (and How to Address It) – sigh, but at least there are ways to address this (thanks Adam!)

Quantum physics offers new way to factor numbers – interesting! (thanks Stephen!)

See Incredible Basketball Shot Set New World Record – impressive!

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