happy Thanksgiving linked list: charter schools, prisons, grover on Twitter, robot armies

– It seems like there’s evidence that some charter schools can work. (although the ballot measure described in the article was defeated by a wide margin…)

If Prisoners Ran Prisons: Five Texas inmates say what they’d do differently – good idea, and ones pulled out in the article all seem pretty reasonable to me!

Grover from Sesame Street had a near meltdown on Twitter – happy to see Sesame Street expanding its horizons. Also, hah!

Who Will Command The Robot Armies? – another great talk by Maciej Ceglowski, also known as the founder of Pinboard. (I also really like the format of text on one side with the accompanying slides on the other!)

NASA’s analysis of seemingly impossible engine: it works – extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and we’re not there yet, but the EM Drive is pretty exciting!

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