non-election-related linked list: Obamacare lowering uninsured rate, boo Wells Fargo

My gift to you – links that are not election-related. (but don’t forget to vote!)

The Impact of Obamacare, in Four Maps – a reminder that although there are some growing pains with Obamacare, it has dramatically lowered the number of people that don’t have health insurance.

(hey, I said “election-related”, not “politics-related”!)

Workers Say Wells Fargo Unfairly Scarred Their Careers – I listened to a recent Planet Money podcast about this, and it made me angry. Glad we don’t bank there!

OK, fun video time!

Omni-directional conveyor belts are fun to watch – that they are!

– This video of Cubs fans singing “Go Cubs Go” after Game 5 at Wrigley Field was surprisingly touching. I think I have a thing for large singing crowds (like “Sweet Caroline” at Red Sox games) Keep in mind that after this game they were still down 3-2 in the World Series, and everyone still looks pretty darn happy šŸ™‚

– They’re coming with a Hamilton mixtamp, and this cover of “It’s Quiet Uptown” by Kelly Clarkson is pretty haunting. (for non-Hamiltonphiles, this is after Hamilton’s son dies)

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