friday linked list: register to vote!, the fining of black america

How to Register and Vote Early Before the Presidential Election – there’s plenty of time to register to vote; do it today! As we saw with Brexit, just because nobody thinks something will win doesn’t mean it won’t happen. If you don’t want to see a President Trump, vote!

The Fining of Black America – this is pretty terrible. Prairie View is at #56 (which is where Sandra Bland was pulled over), while bizarrely so is River Oaks at #97. Although the River Oaks I’m thinking of is in Houston and wildly affluent (it’s where George H. W. Bush used to live), but the median income in that table is $42K, so maybe it’s some other River Oaks?

The Governing Cancer of Our Time – everyone complains about “politics” (myself included!), but the alternatives seem to be either do nothing or be ruled by a despot. It’s worrying that compromise is now a dirty word. (thanks David!)

The “Cobra Effect” that is disabling paste on password fields – I don’t run into these too often, but it infuriates me when I do! Web designers: do NOT do this!

Why Disney princesses and ‘princess culture’ are bad for girls

When the Eight-Member Supreme Court Avoids Deadlocks, It Leans Left – neat visualization of Supreme Court leanings over time. Although I think a one-axis “left vs. right” view is not the most helpful here – while the court has been leaning left on social issues, it is extremely business-friendly. (thanks Stephen!)

Can You Get Over an Addiction? – interesting look at addiction and how we maybe misunderstand it. (thanks David!)

The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb – trying to understand the “other side”‘s arguments is usually helpful, although it’s exhausting to do this all the time. (what’s the “other side” about Obama birther arguments, for example?)

How ‘Advantage Players’ Game the Casinos – this sounds like a fun way to make a living. (I’m not sure how I feel about the ethics of this, though)

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