friday linked list: no Rey toys, terrorism, the financial tips index card

– Apparently many new Star Wars toys don’t include Rey on purpose because boys don’t like girls and aaaaaaaa everything is terrible.

The Threat Is Already Inside (and nine other truths about terrorism that nobody wants to hear) – good reminders to keep things in perspective (thanks David!)

Can The Best Financial Tips Fit On An Index Card? – I guess they can!

The Nation He Built – as Obama’s term winds down, it’s good to look back and see all the positive change his administration achieved.

Adele Carpool Karaoke – losing David Bowie and Alan Rickman hurts a lot, but it’s good to see younger celebrities are cool too. (also, man, what a voice!)

A Drug to Cure Fear – neat! (thanks David!)

Why Are Corporations Hoarding Trillions? – good question!

A Progressive Way to End Corporate Taxes (thanks David!)

Why do people keep coming to this couple’s home looking for lost phones? – that is bizarre (and kind of scary)

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