friday linked list: beggar CEOs, rising middle-age white mortality, your memory and the internet

The Beggar CEO and Sucker Culture – so good!

You Can’t Understand American Politics Without Reading This Study – this study about rising middle-age white mortality has been out for a little while, but it’s so surprising and scary it’s hard to know what to make of it, other than it’s very bad. (and may partially explain the appeal of people like Donald Trump?)

The internet is eating your memory, but something better is taking its place – unless some civilization-destroying catastrophe happens, using technology to do the grunt work of remembering seems like a good tradeoff.

The five keys to a successful Google team – neat that Google is doing this kind of research and making it public!

A Good Night’s Sleep Is Tied to Interruptions, Not Just Hours

How to Get More Dads to Take Paternity Leave – sigh, gender issues. But step 1 is to get a reasonable paternity leave policy…*ahem*

The envelope paradox – I’ve read about this paradox before, but didn’t realize there was a way to win more than 50% of the time. Infinities are hard!

Microsoft Ad Calls for Truce With Apple, if Only for the Holidays – aww!

‘Star Wars’-Themed Movie Theater Opens in Nebraska – if you guessed this was the doings of the Alamo Drafthouse, you are correct!

In Defense of Benny from ‘Rent’ – umm, yes

– If you like “The Sound of Silence”, perhaps you’ll like this cover by Disturbed. It’s good stuff!

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