friday linked list: the ice bucket challenge revisited, some hopefulness on climate change

Payday for Ice Bucket Challenge’s Mocked Slacktivists – I will admit, I also rolled my eyes. I guess I was wrong!

The Sunniest Climate-Change Story You’ve Ever Read – umm, hooray, I think?

Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Hydro? How Your State Generates Power – related to the previous article, coal usage is down a lot in only 10 years!

What Are a Hospital’s Costs? Utah System Is Trying to Learn – so weird that they don’t know these things already, but it’s good that things are starting to change (prompted by Obamacare!)

A history of World of Warcraft’s gold economy (thanks Kurtis!)

How to Build a Metro-Sized Moving Walkway – oh man, this would be amazing! (just don’t read the long list of reasons it is impractical)

The Astros celebrated their home runs Wednesday night by devouring gummy bears – let’s think about this article, written in happier times for the Astros. (i.e. a week ago)

The Real Cuban Missile Crisis – long article, but worth a read if you haven’t heard the real story behind it. (the crisis was largely JFK’s fault for putting Jupiter missles in Italy and Turkey)

Elsevier, that just freaked me out. – distributing tiny USB devices that pretend to be keyboards is unsettling!

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