link friday: racism, biological weapon tested in San Francisco, Inside Out, GMOs

I, Racist – very powerful sermon (thanks Britton!)

‘One of the largest human experiments in history’ was conducted on unsuspecting residents of San Francisco – what the what??

The Science of ‘Inside Out’ – did I mention “Inside Out” is great?

The Misleading War on GMOs: The Food Is Safe. The Rhetoric Is Dangerous. – long, convincing article that GMOs are pretty OK.

The Really Big One – terrifying article about the Pacific Northwest and how an earthquake is going to destroy Portland. is a nice view of our active probes.

“This is the age of writing iOS apps for love” – (and Windows Phone apps, of course 🙂 )

The real origin story behind how Rep. John Lewis became THE hit of Comic-Con – pretty cool! (thanks Jessica!)

The Real Story of Obamacare’s Birth – a reminder that some of the drafting problems were because no Republicans would support the bill, for political reasons

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