India trip: recap, all the posts/pictures

Here they are!

India, week 1
India, week 2: wanderings, temples, and waterfalls
India, week 3: Delhi, a wedding, home

So, what went well and what didn’t go well, so I can remind myself next time I go?

– Meals went well, partially because the hotel restaurants were better than last time, and partially because I got out and walked to dinner places more in the evenings. I also had Indian food most days for lunch instead of pizza, which I think is a net positive because the pizza tastes different than American pizza, and it weirded my stomach out.

– Getting out of the hotel more was good, but I didn’t do great here. It’s tough since I often got back to the hotel late and I would be tired and not want to go out. What I should have done is walked in the mornings more (since there’s a beautiful park two minutes away), or gone to the gym in the evenings, or…something!

– I was lazy about setting up weekend plans with people, which almost totally backfired on me. I need to learn to be comfortable being more aggressive about such things.

– Instead of getting international service through AT&T, I need to just get a local SIM card, which is much cheaper and means I can leave my phone on so people can call me. Again, this came down to laziness. Bad!

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