pre-Austin links: unregulated aggression, metro areas with gay populations, andre the giant

I’m leaving for Austin tomorrow! Here are some links!

How Arizona State Reinvented Free-Throw Distraction – The Curtain of Distraction sounds pretty awesome! (and it works!)

Argument Cultures and Unregulated Aggression – I catch myself doing this occasionally…something to work on. (thanks Adam!)

Zombie Operating Systems and ASP.NET MVC – backwards compatibility is a harsh master! And 36 years is a long time…

How to Stop the Stadium Wars – I have no problem with cities helping to build stadiums, but yeah, sports franchises don’t need another way to avoid taxes. (remember, the NFL is a nonprofit organization!)

The Metro Areas With the Largest, and Smallest, Gay Populations – honestly I’m a little surprised that Austin is so high on the list. But, yay Austin!

Being Andre the Giant – sounds like he was a legitimately nice guy.

Democrats Had A Sweet Response For Republicans Who Celebrated Texas’ Gay Marriage Ban

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