pre-India links: Monty Hall, privilege, pandhandling

I leave tomorrow! In my absence, here are some links to chew on:

The Time Everyone “Corrected” the World’s Smartest Woman – if you haven’t read the saga of Marilyn vos Savant and the Monty Hall Problem, it’s good stuff. Also a good reminder to not be a jerk if you’re correcting someone, because you might be wrong, and then you’ll look like twice the jerk!

Straight Talk for White Men – Privilege is a real thing, and while that doesn’t mean you can’t have opinions about things, it’s a good idea to a) recognize that you do have privilege b) be aware that you have unconscious biases and try to work against them.

States Weigh Legislation to Let Businesses Refuse to Serve Gay Couples – ugh. Although it seems like these sorts of bills aren’t likely to pass in more than a few states (looking at you, Alabama, on general principles!)

The Millionaire Panhandler: Separating the Facts from the Myths Surrounding Panhandling – spoiler alert: they’re not millionaires.

Meet the man who could own Aviva France – the short version is: allowing people to buy stock at last week’s price is a crazy, crazy idea.

Interviews with Oscar voters reveal they are kind of awful, vaguely racist – well, that was disillusioning. Here’s a link to the whole collection of interviews if you’d like to maximize your disillusionment. (stop voting in categories when you haven’t seen all the movies, people!)

Microwave Oven Diagnostics with Indian Snack Food – clever!

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