link friday: Mathnet, board games, latin

9 facts only Mathnet fans will care about – the title is linkbait, but ZOMG it’s Mathnet! So good. (Phil Hartman auditioned for the role of George Frankly!) Also, now I want to visit the LA Police Museum! (thanks so much Jessica!)

Vermont Proposes Official Latin Motto, Wingnuts Tell Vermont To Go Back To Mexico – le sigh

What’s New in CPUs Since the 80s and How Does It Affect Programmers? – if you have an hour or two and want to learn about all the crazy things that can affect performance, this is the article for you!

The Worst Board Games Ever Invented – FiveThirtyEight meets BoardGameGeek! See also Designing The Best Board Game On The Planet (hmm, I haven’t played Twilight Struggle) and Stop Playing Monopoly With Your Kids (And Play These Games Instead).

Capital One Fraud Researchers May Also Have Done Some Fraud – so I guess this is fraud, but it’s pretty clever fraud!

A pixel version of the Simpsons intro with chiptune music – nicely done!

Thoughts on Becoming an Adventurer – cool, an adventurer is a real job!

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