Watson services available on Bluemix – Message Resonance

The most exciting part of Bluemix for me are the Watson services that you can use – especially because they’re in beta right now and you can use them all for free! So let’s take a closer look at one of the most promising ones you can use in an app: Message Resonance.

The Message Resonance service lets you analyze the effectiveness of words within certain communities, based on a set of tweets from that community. The service has a builtin set of communities you can use – right now the choices seem to be “Cloud Computing” and “Big Data and Analytics”. You can pass in a set of words and you’ll get back a measure (from 0-99) of how well the words will be received in the community.

Here’s a live demo of the Message Resonance service, and here’s where you can get started with a sample app.

This is potentially a very useful service – you could easily integrate this into a Twitter app and score tweets that are about to go out. You could also do a similar thing for emails or presentations aimed at those communities. Right now the service is a little limited because there are only two communities it’s available for, but if you’re targeting an app at one of them, don’t miss out on this service!

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