links: Mayday PAC, airport signs, voter fraud and bioterrorism

– That Mayday PAC I mentioned last month is struggling to meet their ambitious $5 million goal in June. It really is a good cause – if you’d like to contribute I have a pledge page you can give through.

How You Know Where You’re Going When You’re in an Airport – an article about signs in an airport? I’m sold!

Where Dishonesty Is Best Policy, U.S. Soccer Falls Short – this seems like mostly a good thing, right?

17 reasons not to trust Dick Cheney on Iraq – hah!

A Strange but True Tale of Voter Fraud and Bioterrorism – wow, I had heard about the bioterrorism but I didn’t realize the whole point was to rig a local election!

Shaka, When the Walls Fell – a long piece about a great (don’t listen to the haters!) Star Trek: The Next Generation episode.

Diplomacy: The Board Game of the Alpha Nerds – Ahh Diplomacy. I played a few times in high school, but it’s pretty long and I was never hardcore/ruthless enough to do well…

Here’s How All 50 State Flags Would Look As App Icons – not a huge fan of Texas, but there are some nice ones in there…

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