link friday: World Cup draws, behind the scenes of The Price Is Right

A Fairer World Cup Draw – it’s weird that they admit that the FIFA draw is unfair by design (for geographical reasons) but then sound impressed when pointing out a fairer algorithm. Anyway, the graphs at the bottom are neat because you can see which teams got the luckiest/most unlucky – US is near the unluckiest (although not as bad as Australia), and Mexico is so so so lucky.

– I did this last summer after the World Cup draw, but a reminder: you only need 5 points to be almost assured of making it to the knockout round, and 4 points gives you about a 50% chance.

Here’s what it looks like behind the scenes of The Price Is Right – I found this compelling, as I love seeing “behind the scenes” type stuff. There’s a lot of work that happens back there! Warning: the video’s a bit long. (it’s the whole one hour show) A few things that surprised me:
– Somehow I didn’t realize that the producers actually choose the contestants, instead of being chosen at random.
– There’s an insane amount of energy in the room!
– Everything’s on a pretty strict timetable, and it’s cool to see them adapt to things taking longer than the should.

Selection bias and bombers – go logic!

22 Books You Should Read Now, Based On Your Childhood Favorites – thanks Kay!

Girlfriend ‘Complains A Lot … Interrupts,’ Developer Tells Conference – I understand the joke, but given all the sexism in the industry…yikes. At least we’re to the point where people will get called out for this, but there’s still a long way to go…

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