June developer registration drive – win a Lumia phone!

It’s been a while, so let’s do this again! I’m expecting a lot of entries because of the recent DVLUP Day, so this time we’ll do two prizes: a white Lumia 520 or cyan Lumia 521 (your choice), and a Lumia 800. Here are the rules:

1. You MUST live in my region – Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, or South Dakota.
2. You MUST be an existing Windows Phone Developer WITH at least one published app currently in the marketplace.
3. You MUST be an active Windows Phone developer as of June 30th 2014, which means you must have either published a new Windows Phone application or have published an update to an existing Windows Phone application that required xap certification within a 180 day period. (counting back from June 30th your last updated date must be January 1 2014 or later)

Below is an example of where to find the last updated date on your Windows Phone application page in the Windows Phone Store.

Now that you know if you can participate or not here’s what you need to do. Email me the REQUIRED information below.

1. First and Last Name
2. Email address (this is the one we can reach you at, one you actually check daily)
3. The link to your qualifying application in the Windows Phone Store.
4. DVLUP.com username (If you haven’t registered yet, go do it, it’s free and you’ll be glad you did)
5. Your Windows Dev Center Publisher GUID (it’s on your dev center dashboard)
6. Your location: City, State

Entries must be received by June 30th – the drawing will be done on July 1st.

To enter, email ext-greg.stoll@microsoft.com with the subject “June Registration Drive”. Good luck!

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