link tuesday: terrible infographic, good infographic, animated movies

Work/life is still crazy busy, so I figured links on Tuesday in hand was worth two links on Friday in the bush. (or something)

NBC News Creates A Racially Insensitive, Time-Traveling Map of America – not sure if I buy the “racially insensitive” angle, but: this is unquestionably a terrible, terrible infographic!

How Americans Die – on the other hand, this is a very captivating series of infographic type things. Well done!

Rapture leaked: The true story behind the making of BioShock – makes me sad that Irrational Games is closing.

What the Left and Right Both Get Wrong About the Moynihan Report – wonky, but a full-employment policy would be pretty amazing.

The 100 best animated movies – glad my favorite is (spoiler!) #2.

Meaningful Activities Protect the Brain From Depression – neat!

Meep Meep Watch In Foreign Policy – hey, Syria’s chemical weapons are almost gone! And Iran is further away from making a nuclear weapon! Foreign policy: sometimes, it works.

Up Close on Baseball’s Borders – nice map of which areas follow which baseball teams. Poor Astros…I think the “Texas” in the Rangers’ name gives them more fans than they deserve.

Jon Stewart Flawlessly Takes Down Media’s Sexist Coverage of Clinton Pregnancy – siiiiigh this is probably what we have to look forward in 2015/6.

Florida Set to Join Trend Toward Higher Speed Limits – not much here, except: go Texas! (I have driven 85, and it does feel fast…)

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