sick link saturday:

Caught a stomach virus (or something) but I’m on the mend, so here’s something to distract myself!

How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood – talks about Netflix’s microgenres, which I found fascinating. Also, now I want to see “Irreverent Reunited Lovers Werewolf Movies”. And the bit about Raymond Burr is just strange!

How Rush Limbaugh Decides What Is True – the short answer is “true conservatives are always right”. Although I admit I probably default to giving Obama the benefit of the doubt, I certainly don’t agree with him always…

Good News You Might Have Missed in 2013 – by Bill Gates

The Price Is Wrong And You Know It: Do You Buy That Ticket? – as I get older I find myself looking more at the motivations behind why businesses give away stuff and try not to take advantage of them. Although I still take samples from HEB even if I don’t intend to buy them. (theoretically if they’re good enough I might, right?) Anyway, airline fares are so crazy it’s hard to know what is “obviously” a mistake anyhow.

How Sleep Deprivation Decays the Mind and Body – the author stayed up for four days in a row as a teenager and it (might have) had effects on him for a long time. More on sleep: Goodnight. Sleep Clean. Sleep is important, everyone! (I have slept a _lot_ this weekend already, what with being sick…)

Ask Culture and Guess Culture – very interesting difference. I think I’m more of a Guess person, or at least I would feel the same way about responding to a request as the original poster did – by trying to find an excuse. (thanks Emily!)

The greatest newspaper correction ever written (49 years too late) (thanks Adam!)

Aaron Rodgers: ‘I Really, Really Like Women’ – siiiiigh.

Bisexual: A Label With Layers – Tom Daley (a British Olympic diver) came out as bisexual recently.

Is 4K BS? – yeah, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t see a difference between the 4K TV’s at CES and their “regular” HD counterparts.

– A nicely summarized look at how strong companies are at protecting your data from the government done by EFF.

The Great Handbell War – hardcore rivalry between handbell makers

One thought on “sick link saturday:”

  1. I’m glad you appreciated the Ask/Guess stuff. I found it incredibly enlightening in explaining my difficulties with other people (I am heavy, heavy on the Ask).


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