link friday: company loyalty, sleep, The Price Is Right

Loyalty and Layoffs – I thought this was interesting but I mostly disagree. Certainly not all companies are worthy of your loyalty, but saying that none are seems equally extreme. If your company treats you well, try to treat your company well. I do agree that it’s generally a good idea to keep developing your skills to keep yourself employable, etc.

Sleep: The Ultimate Brainwasher? – more evidence that sleep clears out toxins and such.

Winning The Price Is Right – a very thorough guide to all 71 pricing games from a game theory perspective; you don’t even have to know the prices! It was surprising to me that there are some games you can win 100% of the time. Also, looks like they need a better random number generator? (see Bargain Game, for example)

Why Are We Building Jailbait Sexbots? (NSFW?) – the short version is that researchers built a very realistic 3D model of a 10 year old girl, then used that to catch sexual predators. This raises all kinds of legal and ethical issues…

Machine learning is way easier than it looks – aw, man, now I want to play around with this!

The Changing Rules of Outing – interesting perspective on not giving special treatment to gay celebrities.

Together and Alone, Closing the Prime Gap – the prime gap is down to 600!

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