link friday: a bunch of Obamacare stuff, and then some other things

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) health exchanges open next week (if the government doesn’t shut down!), so here are some interesting links about it/them:
Final Word On Obamacare Coverage: Cheaper Than Expected – definitely some caveats here, but premiums are lower than expected. The free market at work!

How eight lives would be affected by the health law – interesting look by the Washington Post, although of course this is a tiny sample size.

The Plot To Kill Obamacare – this just in, Republicans will do almost anything to prevent Obamacare from happening or working.

Other things:
Free to Be Hungry – it blows my mind that, with the growing inequality we have in the US, some people think that cutting food stamps is a good idea. (food stamps are less than $5 a day per person)

Here Are the GOP’s Debt-Ceiling Demands, and They Are Insane – the title says it all.

Other non-politics things, which you might need after the depressing state of politics these days, or at least I sure do:
Unhappy Truckers and Other Algorithmic Problems – interesting article about optimizing routes for UPS drivers.

A Hospital Tells Police Where Fights Happen, And Crime Drops – neat!

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