long-overdue links: sexism in the tech industry, torture v. diversity, money wins elections

It’s been a while, so some of these are out of date, but they’re interesting, dang it!

– Caroline Shaw, a fellow Philharmonics singer at Rice, just won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize in Music! Congratulations to her! A short article about the piece at Slate.

The Biggest Problem in Technology – a good synopsis of the sad episode that happened at this year’s PyCon. Best sentence:

Given the advantages of time, distance, and a rational mind, it is relatively easy to see that basically everybody involved erred (though some far more severely than others).

John Yoo Criticizes Liberals for Caring More About Torture Than Diversity – when I read the headline, I thought “oh, there might be a valid point here but the headline is clearly exaggerating”…and I was wrong, the headline is dead-on. Sheeeeeesh!

– After the Jason Collins came out, these Onion articles seem especially relevant: Gay NFL Players Must Be Unknown Special Teams Guys, Says Homophobic Man, and my favorite NFL Players Support Player Coming Out, Getting Absolutely Obliterated During Games. These were published a month ago amidst rumors that a few active NFL players were going to come out – we’ll see what happens!

Ten Practical Things to Make with a 3D Printer

Money Wins Elections – a cool visualization page in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act, which you should definitely support!

Abusing hash kernels for wildly unprincipled machine learning – It seems almost magical that something as crude as the hash kernel he describes actually kind of works.

Carmen Sandiego’s Africa map: television’s invisible, impossible shuttle run – the Africa map did seem impossible as a kid 🙂

How a banner ad for H&R Block appeared on apple.com—without Apple’s OK – an excellent reason for HTTPS everywhere!

Pope Francis supported same-sex civil unions in Argentina in 2010 – certainly it was just a reaction to Argentina being about to approve same-sex marriage, but…wow!

Paramount Hopes New ‘Star Trek’ Is a Global Crowd-Pleaser – I love me some Star Trek, but this article made me a lot less excited about it. Something about seeing how the sausage is made, and how they changed the plot, etc. to appeal more to international audiences.

4 thoughts on “long-overdue links: sexism in the tech industry, torture v. diversity, money wins elections”

  1. Good links. I’m with you on the Star Trek movie. I know they’re in it to make money, but geez… don’t remove the stuff that MAKES it Star Trek to do it. Hopefully they strike a good balance, but I’m a little less optimistic having read that. When I read this line: “Research showed that foreign ticket buyers viewed the 2009 film as ‘too Trekkie and too sci-fi,’ in the words of one Paramount executive.” and see that they’re actually taking that to heart… *shudder*. The 2009 movie was good, but already moved some in that direction. Oh, and Carmen Sandiego… awesome. As a kid I was always like, “come ON! I could do that!” And now I’m like, “whoa, that’s *really hard*”, and that’s without seeing the statistics…


    1. In cases like that last article, does reading it do anything other than subtract enjoyment from what would otherwise be a fun night out?


      1. Yeah, I kinda hesitated about posting that…but I want to express my displeasure in meddling with the plot and making things less “sci-fi” to try to appeal to a broader audience. So: booo!


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