bonus links: xkcd april fools, programming stuff, other stuff

– If you missed xkcd’s April Fools comic yesterday, you should check it out. Here’s the reddit thread with details.

Programming-type stuff:
– An article about being careful how you handle NaN keys in hashtables – his solution is to add randomness to the hash function!
– A discussion of the infamous Girls Near Me app and how the problem is not the app, but having all of that data in one easily-accessible place. Privacy is fast becoming a thing of the past….
API Design is UI for Developers – as someone who often has to use APIs, there’s some goooood stuff there!
– For Windows Phone 7, Back means back. Not forwards, not sideways, but back. Being able to go “back” between applications was a bit weird at first, but I think I like it now and it’s mostly consistent.

Random links that got orphaned and now have a home:
‘What to do with Astrodome?’ – hopefully something awesome! It’s a neat building.
A Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney – I laughed at the Feynman diagram 🙂
– (I was going to put a link here about how Rick Santorum wants to make pornography illegal, but we’ve all agreed Mitt Romney’s going to win the nomination now, right? Right.)
For the Prosecution, Justice Clarence Thomas
– Why is health care expensive in the US? Well, for starters, our prices are much higher than other countries’.

2 thoughts on “bonus links: xkcd april fools, programming stuff, other stuff”

  1. The only thing I understood about that XKCD was the Petit Prince reference in the snake version. (Which was the only one I ever saw, at home and work.)


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