links: FlightPredictor makes a list!, the penny is gone (in Canada), and some robots

FlightPredictor for WP7 is on a top app list in the Windows Marketplace!

Apparently this is by number of downloads as opposed to ratings. (and most of those downloads were trial, not paid. But still!)

Making big decisions about money – wise words from Seth Godin. And I am particularly prone to this…

Canada is getting ready of the penny – our neighbors to the north are wise! (although I'm glad to see that Canadian local news isn't immune to some terrible sentences to end a story)

A day in the life of a warehouse robot – that company Kiva that Amazon bought (not the microlending Kiva) makes pretty awesome robots!

– More robots: Look how high this robot can jump! Spoiler alert: very high.

An interview with Batman, or at least the Batman of Route 29 in Maryland.

– Finally, a good way to start your weekend: Drunk Man Sings Entire Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody In Police Car – with video!

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