links: NH protects same-sex marriage!

– New Hampshire voted down an attempt to repeal same-sex marriage by a convincing margin of 211-116 – and it needed to pass by a 2/3 majority since the governor (a Democrat) had said he would veto it. More than 100 Republicans voted against the repeal!

Unfortunately, there are a bunch more states that are considering repeal – give to the Win More States fund to defend same-sex marriage!

The Odd Link Between Commute Direction and Marital Satisfaction – bizarre, but I can kind of understand – anything can help you make a connection with someone!

– Ben Bernanke is going around to college campuses…and one of the things he talks about is why going back to the gold standard is a bad, bad idea.

The Story Behind That 9,000-Word Quora Post on Airplane Cockpits – and here’s the original!

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