frustrated links

It’s Friday! It is Friday, right? TGIF.

Serious links:

Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan Is a Mathematical Disaster – you mean cutting everyone’s taxes by 20% won’t help the deficit? I’m shocked!

– Aside from the recent dustup with Planned Parenthood, the Susan G. Komen foundation has a nasty habit of “blaming the victim” when it’s pretty clear that, while mammography is better than nothing, it’s definitely not a panacea for the quickly metastasizing cancers that tend to be more fatal.

Rick Santorum Wants Your Sex Life to Be ‘Special’…and I want Rick Santorum to stop talking about my sex life. (of course he’s not talking about me, he wants my sex life to be nonexistant, I assume)

Why Do We Still Care About the Dow? – even just as a stock market index, it’s pretty terrible.

Contraception’s Con Men

Less serious links:

What Jeremy Lin Teaches Us About Talent – spoiler: it teaches us that sports teams are terrible at predicting it!

– Now George Lucas says that Han never shot first, you were just confused. Le sigh.

How Much Would it Cost to build the Death Star? – it would cost a lot.

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