final links of 2011

Is Windows Phone’s consumer focus killing it? – sad article suggesting that one reason WP7 isn’t succeeding is that the carriers can’t customize it enough. (i.e. bundle crapware, etc.)

Bishops Say Rules on Gay Parents Limit Freedom of Religion – this is one of the toughest areas where the rights of the Catholic Church to serve who they want meet the principle of the government not funding groups who discriminate. I think the government’s made the right call here, but it’s very tricky. (also: Catholic Charities received almost $3 billion from the government in 2010? I had no idea they received so much…)

– A long article about how hard it is to lose weight for some (most?) people, and how your body works against you. Depressing!

– Information about “Big Bird” was just declassified: in the 70’s we were taking extremely high resolution pictures of the Earth and then jettisoning the film canisters to be collected in midair!

Everything You Know About Education Is Wrong – money isn’t enough, and teacher feedback and instructional time matter.

Year end stuff:

– The 11 best psychology books of 2011 – I got “Thinking, Fast and Slow” for Christmas and haven’t read any of the others…

– Finally, a best articles of 2011 list if you’re looking for more time to waste.

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