pre-German links

I’m going to Germany next week! Looks like I’ll be busy with work stuff, but hopefully I’ll have some time to see some sights.

– An off-duty police officer in NYC foiled a robbery by shooting the gunman’s revolver out of his hands, which is something you’re probably told not to do but is really effective if you can make it work.

– Speaking of people being good at their job, check out this goalie’s mad dash back to defend his own goal. If he’s really that fast, why isn’t he playing a position that requires more running? (or maybe he’s just better rested – it is the end of a 90 minute game…)

– Speaking of sports and other hobbies, the Austin Comic Con is coming up next week, with Billy Dee Williams, Adam West, Burt Ward, and Lee Majors. I didn’t know we had a Comic Con!

– Speaking of things that make me happy, the rumor mill is suggesting there might be an even better Palm phone coming out next year on Sprint. Please please please!

– Speaking of things that interest me to the point of obsession, a psychologist suggests some tips on being happy: buying experiences instead of things, buying many small pleasures instead of big ones, and so on.

6 thoughts on “pre-German links”

      1. Yeah, it would be, since I’m limping along with a refurb with audio issues. The less time I have to wait, the better.


  1. shooting a revolver out of a gunman’s hands is pretty freakin’ impressive. handguns are inaccurate enough as it is. goalie’s mad dash – adrenaline and fear can motivate the human body to do amazing things 😉 and you’re right, he is better rested, relatively speaking. i’m not hearing good things about Palm’s products from a friend who used to work at Palm…just saying =


  2. I’m currently reading Gretchen Rubin’s “Happiness Project”. One of her quotes on the topic is “money doesn’t buy happiness in the same way good health doesn’t buy happiness”.


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