What webOS app to work on next?

Having finished We the People and done some small changes to earlier apps, I’m raring to work on a new webOS app for my Palm Pre. (partially feeling invigorated by the announced webOS 2.0 features)

So here are my ideas:

A client to easily browse Reddit.
Pro: I’ve played around with it a little and gotten some stuff to work, which is promising.
Pro: There’s a real API which looks pretty easy to interact with.
Pro/Con: There are already a few existing Reddit clients, although none of them are in the full App Catalog (one’s in beta, I believe?)
Con: It would be a lot of work to make pages look attractive, especially since I suck at it.
Con: I’m not sure how much more useful it is than just going to the Reddit site in the browser.
Con: I couldn’t see charging more than $1.99 for it, and I’m not sure how many people would be interested in buying it.

A bridge game (probably single-player only, at least at first)
Pro: There are no existing bridge games in the Catalog. Even in Apple’s I only see two.
Con: That’s probably because it’s a huge pain to write AI that bids well. And if it doesn’t bid well, it’s almost useless.
Pro: I could see charging $5-$10 for it if I spent the time to do it well.
Con: Bidding aside, it’s still a lot of work to put in correct play, proper scoring, fancy card graphics, etc. I’m not convinced I won’t give up or lose interest before I’m done.

Mystery option #3, which I just thought of
Pro: Uses some exciting new features in webOS 2.0, like <redacted>!
Con: It’s not a very original idea, and I bet someone can beat me to it.
Pro: But it would be kinda fun to write and play around with…and I would use it…
Con: But I can’t start working on it until webOS 2.0 releases, whenever that is.
Pro/Con: Probably a 99 cent app, although a fairly wide audience.

What do you think? (open to other ideas!)

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