LOST and links

Last night’s LOST episode was pretty awesome. (decent recap here)
More smoke monster/fake Locke mythology. Sawyer being sarcastic. For that matter, Sawyer shirtless 🙂 Mysterious child sighting. (what are “the rules”?) Sawyer and fake Locke lying to each other. Ben admitting he killed Locke.

All good things. Plus the alternate timeline is turning out to be kinda like Heroes season 1, where all the characters’ lives are intertwined in random ways. (Ben is a high school teacher!) Except it’s even more interesting because we know how these characters interact in the “real” timeline, and we get to see them get a fresh start.

Also, why isn’t Kate a candidate? Jacob touched her…

Looking forward to finding out the real story behind Jacob and fake Locke – it seems clear that Jacob was a protector of the island, but it’s hard to know what beyond that to believe…


– The Big Picture featured Carnival this week and the photos are really amazing. (here’s last year’s version)

The Case For An Older Woman – more interesting statistics from OkCupid. (a dating site)

A graph of what the government spends money on. Aggregated:

  • Welfare for seniors, 34 percent (Social Security and Medicare)
  • Defense, 22 percent (Defense and Homeland Security)
  • Welfare for everyone else, 20 percent (Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance and Health & Human Services)
  • Interest, 9 percent (Interest)

This leaves 15 percent for everything else.

2 thoughts on “LOST and links”

  1. It also seems clear that Jacob was somewhat a jailor for fake Locke or at least fake Locke can’t leave the island without someone else taking him…I’m wondering if he’s an anti-vampire, he can’t leave without someone inviting him off the island.


    1. Kate is a candidate, her real last name is ….Shepard! *queue dramatic groundhog* They are going for a Star Wars moment here obviously. Jack=Luke, Sawyer= Han solo.


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