LOST thoughts

First, a few links to the Lostpedia summary of the episode and a short interview with Damon and Carlton.

Now, spoilers below!

I liked where it seems that they’re going with the episodes with the “flashsideways”, exploring an alternate reality where the plane doesn’t crash but the characters are still, you know, mostly the same. I dug the scene with fake Locke/the smoke monster (mystery revealed!) and am definitely interested to see what he’s going to be up to next. I liked the stories in 2004 with the main cast in the wreckage of the hatch (why did Juliet have to die…again!), but the stuff with the Temple kinda bored me. Partially because I can’t take a guy who looks like this at all seriously.

So overall I enjoyed the episode but it wasn’t one of my favorites. It looks like this season will be good, though.

What did y’all think?

7 thoughts on “LOST thoughts”

    1. I don’t think Jacob = Hurley…although that would be crazy 🙂 Yeah, I’m hoping we get more backstory about Jacob and fake Locke that addresses how he can become a giant smoky thing.


    2. Yeah, I was entirely confused…because it seemed established that the smoke monster was some sort of island/temple security system, and Ben calls it once for defense and once to judge himself. Clearly, not only was Ben confused, but so were a lot of other people who should have known something.


      1. Well, when Ben called it to judge himself, the smoke monster told him to obey fake Locke. I think it’s possible that nobody on the island wanted Widmore’s folks to take over, so maybe that’s why the smoke monster helped Ben out when he called it for defense?


  1. I felt like the episode overall was too *busy*, with many disconnected stories going on and just about every mystery we have seen so far included in some way. I kind of agree about the Temple — we just met these new characters Ilana and Brahm and haven’t gotten to know them much yet, so I feel like it’s too soon to introduce yet more new mysterious characters. Although it was cool to see the stewardess at the Temple; I’ll be curious to learn more about why she’s there. It was a little disappointing to learn that there is this alternate reality. One thing that I really liked about Lost’s implementation of time travel was that it seemed so different from other stories like Back to the Future where past events can be altered. But it could be interesting going forward, and I am curious to know what happens in 2004 and how they get back to the island in 2007.


    1. Well, it’s still different than Back to the Future. They are clearly still there and didn’t fade away. I guess people were assuming that the show was using Time Travel Theory #2 (the past is not changeable, everything you do, well it was already done). Instead, they appear to be using Time Travel Theory #3: Changes to the past create an alternate timeline, or at least some variant on this.


      1. Time Travel Theory #1 is the Back to the Future, changes to the past instantly affect the future and everyone from the future. This theory is the one that leads to paradoxes that irritate the hell out of people.


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